For nearly 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to interact daily with Cisco’s account teams and financial services customers across different industry segments, institution sizes, and geographies. As such I’m always happy to talk about overarching and recurring themes, and recently I sat down with a couple Cisco colleagues to talk about the industry and what’s top of mind for our financial services customers today.

It is certainly an interesting time in the industry with it front and center now for many consumers, businesses, investors, regulators, and governments. Whether the industry faces headwinds or tailwinds, it’s been remarkably consistent that the role of technology is critical to the future of the industry as the most significant enabler of efficiency, growth, and innovation.

In this episode of Cisco’s Coffee and Conversations podcast, I’m joined by Adam Neiberg, Global Marketing Manager for Financial Services, and host Danny Vicente to discuss the future of financial services. It was fun and especially informative to have those two former bankers turned Cisco employees share their unique perspective on opportunities and challenges for the industry in the coming years.

Much of our conversation is framed around key topics including hybrid work, cloud adoption, and security, as well as the state of customer experience – from the digital front door, to the branch, to the contact center. We close with our parting thoughts on what Cisco can do for our clients.

We invite you to watch or listen to the episode and to share your thoughts on where financial services is headed.  Available now!

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Al Slamecka

Global Financial Services BDM

Cisco Industry Solutions Group