Over the past few years, connected technologies have shifted into overdrive, causing businesses to reassess their digital infrastructures. The experiences consumers expect today rely on unified IT solutions that legacy systems cannot facilitate. They rely on connections between everyone and everything, demanding more from the network and creating opportunities for organizations to grow their business and become more dynamic, agile, and secure.

No longer is digital infrastructure an enabler of business, but a necessity to compete in today’s environment. Transforming a business digital infrastructure, however, is no simple task. It requires time, talent, and capital, which can be difficult to secure as other departments compete for the same resources. But as more unified technologies become the standard for today’s business landscape, companies need to figure out solutions that allow them to integrate the IT needed to keep pace.

Businesses of all sizes are quickly adopting technologies like hybrid cloud and SASE (Secure Access Secure Edge) to lay the foundation for a more connected future. In fact, 59% of enterprises are pursuing a hybrid approach to IT, using both public and private clouds, while 86% of organizations are considering, have made the decision to, or have already adopted SASE solutions. These numbers are swiftly growing as the pressure to connect rapidly rises, and organizations are increasingly turning to alternative financing solutions to get the job done.

As the economy continues to soften, payment and financing programs can be a lifeline for many companies. Revamping an IT infrastructure is an expensive project that requires signoff from people on various levels, and it can be difficult to get everyone to agree to spending budget on expensive IT when there is already legacy equipment in place. To stay competitive, however, it is critical that businesses continue to modernize their IT infrastructure, and subscription payment and lease/financing options are a great way to do that.

Don’t let your budget hold you back

According to the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation Industry Horizon Report, most equipment and software acquisitions in the US were financed in 2022 — a staggering 12% increase from the previous year. In fact, leasing was the most popular method to acquire and finance equipment, as it allows organizations to return the equipment once they no longer need it – protecting them from equipment obsolescence and optimizing cash flow.

Not only does leasing provide financial incentives and protect from technology obsolescence, but it is more environmentally friendly and supports sustainability initiatives, which have become a core concern for most organizations. Cisco Capital, Cisco’s global captive finance business, focuses on delivering payment solutions to enable customers to acquire IT more strategically. For example, Cisco Green Pay makes it easier for customers to build a sustainable IT strategy to reach their environmental goals by offering incentives on Cisco’s sustainable technologies, predictable payments, and free product returns. When the equipment is returned, the customer receives a certificate confirming that it has entered  Cisco’s Circular Economy Program.

In the same spirit, Cisco Capital also offers Cisco Lifecycle Pay for Secure Firewall, a payment solution specifically designed to address the constantly evolving threat landscape. Customers can receive up to a 10% replacement incentive towards a new Cisco firewall by turning in their legacy equipment – whether it is from Cisco or a third party and upgrading to Cisco’s latest qualifying firewall products.

Flexible payment solutions mean faster business results

In today’s economic climate, there is a need for IT leasing and payment solutions that businesses can leverage to stay competitive. While businesses share the need to connect across boundaries, locations, distances, and teams, no business is the same, and payment solutions must be uniquely tailored to each company for them to thrive. Cisco Capital takes a holistic approach to digital transformation by offering flexible payment solutions that make it easier for business to acquire and manage technology through the entire lifecycle, while considering goals and concerns specific to each business.

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Larry Scherzer

Senior Managing Director, Strategy and Payment Solutions

Cisco Capital