As today’s fast-paced world continues to change and churn, Cisco’s Consumer Industry Team sought for a new method to discuss the latest trends and best practices in the industry. Introducing our newest podcast “Conversations and Coffee”. In this week’s podcast, our cohosts, Danny Vicente and Garry Senna, are speaking with Business Development Manager, Al Slamecka, on all things financial services.

As a part of Cisco’s financial services team for over 20 years, Al has witnessed our industry adapt and evolve through a plethora of disruptors. Both his industry expertise and passion for financial services are evident as Al discusses the ‘new normal’ for FSI. With increasing pressure for financial service organizations to evolve as it relates to business operations and customer behavior, Cisco’s “Conversations and Coffee” is here to walk both our technical and business-minded listeners through the long-term alterations spurred by today’s digital transformation.

Tune into the podcast below to understand the latest FSI trends and how you can best emerge from the transformation as an industry and community leader!

Audio-Only: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1136603/4646816-rapid-changes-to-financial-services.mp3?blob_id=18364952&download=true

Leave comments below on what other topics you are interested in hearing covered in “Conversations and Coffee”!


Heidi Surdyk

Global Marketing Specialist

Financial Services