Welcome to the fifth and final blog in our Connected Experiences series. When we began this series, Cisco was just introducing Connected Experiences as a framework for helping our customers understand how core infrastructure capabilities can help them navigate significant disruptions across the business environment. I am excited to see how relevant this approach has become in Cisco’s financial services sales conversations because Cisco’s Connected Experiences truly is the best way for customers to be successful in these challenging times.

For those of you who missed any of our earlier posts or simply need a refresher, Cisco’s Connected Experiences brings together cross-domain infrastructure capabilities to enable more flexible, secure, and desirable customer and employee journeys. It is a comprehensive vision that assists organizations in transforming their business through three foundational layers: Connect, Secure, and Automate – to both meet today’s demands and be prepared for the expectations of the future.

Another key phrase you might be seeing often in technology articles today is business resiliency. As 2020 has proved to be more tumulus than anyone could have predicted, Cisco is focused on ensuring our customers have the agility to deal with any rapid changes the world throws your way. Now, several months from the initial on-set of the pandemic, the financial services industry is still is seeing an incongruity in that some workers are returning to branches and offices while others remain home, potentially for the long-haul. These disparate workforces make it vital to ensure that the both remote workers and those working in-branches and corporate offices have the tools they need to be successful, making even more relevant the two key business resiliency solutions: Secure Remote Workforce and Trusted Workplace. These solutions and business resiliency as a whole are examples of a Connected Experience, as they are cross architectural, integrated solutions that ensure a customer is successful in today’s “new normal” as well as any future surprises that lay ahead.

Cisco’s Connected Experiences is an opportunity for you to prepare your financial institution for the future. It is a way of maximizing your technology investments to protect your business from unexpected changes in the industry. Cisco’s Connected Experiences is not a new product or sales campaign. It is a way of visualizing your Cisco technology journey and interweaving the various architectures together. Cisco’s Connected Experiences removes the uncertainty in your IT planning and paves the way for you to focus on what is most important – making your financial institution a success.

Don’t forget to read the complete Connected Experiences series to fully understand all that Cisco’s Connected Experiences has to offer your financial institution.


Heidi Surdyk

Global Marketing Specialist

Financial Services