In the ever-changing financial services industry, we realize the importance of timely, relevant industry updates. Especially after a year as transformative as 2020, so often, by the time an article is released, the industry has already pivoted its gaze elsewhere. Recognizing that, Cisco launched its own industry podcast show, Coffee and Conversations.

Co-hosted by Cisco Consumers Industry Global Marketing Executive, Danny Vicente, and Cisco Global Industry Marketing Manager/Executive Coach, Garry Senna, Coffee and Conversations has welcomed a multitude of guests on the show to speak on a myriad of topics. Now Coffee and Conversations is focusing in on financial services. Danny and Garry will be kicking off a five-part financial services podcast series this week.

“Understanding FSI can be a daunting task. You will enjoy this first part (of a five-part series) with Al and Philip as they take the complexity of FSI and break it down into bite-sized pieces to help you make sense of everything that is going on ” – Garry Senna

Featuring a plethora of industry experts both internal and external to Cisco, this podcast will discuss today’s most pressing topics in financial services.

Podcast #1: Post-COVID world

Podcast #2: Orchestrating customer journey

Podcast #3: Security, compliance, & risk management

Podcast #4: Automation orchestration & cloud

Podcast #5: Closing

Tune in this Wednesday February 3rd for the first of the five podcasts featuring Financial Services Industry Lead, Al Slamecka, and Area Vice President at World Wide Technology, Philip Farah.

“The podcast for me, as an interviewer, was like a timeline of Financial Services, where we have been, where we are, and where we will be. I learned so much!” – Garry Senna


Heidi Surdyk

Global Marketing Specialist

Financial Services