Because “somewhat prepared” is not good enough.

Are you cyber-resilient? Or like other utility leaders, are you asking yourself what it really means to be cyber-resilient?

It’s the burning question for utilities today who want to modernize and secure their networks. Field Area Networks are critical to this digital transformation—securely connecting AMI, SCADA, distribution automation, distributed generation services, and smart communities’ services. So how do you ensure that your FAN is secure?

Join us on July 25th, 2018 for our Field Area Network (FAN) Security Webinar! Cisco and Zpryme have teamed up to bring you the latest research and insights from top utility leaders.

Learn how they are incorporating FAN security and network planning for the 21st century connected grid. We’ve surveyed over 100 utility leaders to uncover the latest, real insights into IT and OT perspectives of FAN deployments. You’ll hear from ETS, Cisco, and Avista panelists as they share top tips and practical guidance.

Get ready to ditch the ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

The stakes are high as the threat of both cyber- and physical attacks become more sophisticated. With the tsunami of incoming data and rapid deployment of NERC-CIP protocols, utilities worldwide are in dire need of a living and evolving strategy to not only secure their current state but also prepare to secure tomorrow’s critical infrastructure**.

  • What are the network architectures that utilities IT and OT leaders should consider for access control, data privacy, intrusion detection, protection, and real-time incident response?
  • How can the FAN enable your IoT initiatives and business strategy where consumers participate in new energy models behind the meters for distributed generation and energy storage?
  • What shifts in your security are required to benefit from intelligence at the edge, real-time data, and analytics for predictive maintenance, incident response, and automation?
  • Who from your utility organization must be at the table to effectively manage risk for decentralized services that increase efficiency and create new revenue streams?

In this webinar, featuring Cisco’s IoT Product Line Manager, Felix Davis, you’ll learn our 5 key steps to building a comprehensive security plan. When it comes to Field Area Network (FAN) security, utility leaders can often feel like they’re on their own. Having a starting point to outline your approach is crucial to developing an organizational framework.

Be prepared for today AND tomorrow.

IT and OT must come together. We’ll walk you through the importance of getting with your OT and IT colleagues to prioritize security. How are the leading utilities already doing this? Join us on July 25th to see for yourself!

Don’t just comply with standards. Be proactive. Be prepared for the future.

Date: July 25th, 2018

Time: 11:30am (PST) 2:30 PM (EST)

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** Security for Field Area Networks: IT and OT Perspectives–White Paper



Caroline Hilla

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