Digital Mining for increased production, safety, and sustainability

In this new era of digitized mining, the industry has repeatedly relied on Cisco to help increase production, improve safety, and create a more efficient and sustainable environment. In February 2023, Cisco’s Mining team hosted some of their largest customers from all over the world at the Cisco Virtual Mining Summit. This annual event features presentations and discussions on the digital transformation of the mining industry, and how technology can optimize their operations, and connect, empower and safeguard their workforces.

At the event we shared information on innovations & developments in IoT, automation, digital journey and control systems applied in exploration, mineral processing, underground mining, surface mining, mining waste, tailings, logistics, security, maintenance, and people/talent management.

In case you missed it these presentations and interviews were recorded and can be found on You Tube.

Day 1 – Sustainable and Optimized Operations

As mines increasingly shift to renewable power sources to increase sustainability, decrease emissions, and lower energy consumption, mining operators utilize next generation sensors and instrumentation to monitor operations and control the power grid to avoid downtimes and operational hazards. Our first day of the summit was dedicated to industry-based solutions that monitor the condition of mining infrastructure, the environment and equipment, to increase production uptime.

Mine Power Modernization – an interview with Michael Boland
Safe Operations with Sensors – presented by Ian Procyk
LoRaWAN Systems for Mining Environments – presented by Kevin Holcomb

Day 2 focused on Remote and Mobile Operations

While historically dependent on manual labor, today’s smart mines incorporate robotics, remote and autonomous operations, full-fleet automation, and data-based analytics to enhancing safety and improving the production capability. This advanced technology has the added advantage of attracting and retaining a new generation of talent. On the second day of our summit we showed how to incorporate remote and automated mining applications as well as the advantages 5G wireless technology to add flexibility and scalability to mining operations.

Optimize Field Work with a Diverse Workforce – presented by Keith Heggaton from Cisco partner Augmentir
IROC and Communications Infrastructure – presented by Don Leyn
Autonomous Operations in Mining Update– an interview with Bruce Frederick
Extending the Enterprise with Private 5GaaS – presented by Derick Linegar

To continue the conversations begun by the Cisco Virtual Mining Summit and stimulate new ones, we have created a Mining Community. This community brings together mining industry leaders, government authorities, policy makers, consultants, suppliers, and leading industry solutions providers. The intention is to continue discussions on industry updates, trends, opportunities, and the latest technology solutions needed for future projects.

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