Located on the eastern banks of the Hudson River, just minutes from Albany, New York’s capital city, Troy, N.Y., is home to some very imaginative and talented educators and students. They’re using video solutions to open a “window to the world,” and they’re seeing some amazing results.

Video technology is changing the way educators teach and students learn in K-12 school districts across the country. Today, it’s possible for outside experts to take part in classroom discussions instantaneously, for homebound students to “join” their classmates in learning activities, for teachers to collaborate across long distances, and for parents to engage with teachers in new ways. In truth, the potential for video in the classroom is limited only by the imaginations of those who use it. And this is certainly the case in Troy.

Troy City Schools struggled through some tough economic times, and as circumstances improved, the entire community focused on academic excellence, supported by a complete overhaul of the technology used in city schools. Today, this “district on the rise” is experiencing sustained growth in proficiency rates in state assessment scores. “We have seen a steady increase of our proficiency rates on state assessments over the last four years,” notes Troy Superintendent John Carmello, “and we were recognized last year as one of the top-ten capital-region schools.”

Of course, we know that academic achievement isn’t attributable to technology alone. In Troy, the community provided a strong foundation on which committed administrators and talented teachers began to build schools of the future. Technologies like video serve as a valuable tool in an educator’s toolbox, but given the possibilities with video—what a powerful tool it is!

To learn more about Troy’s story, watch the short video here.


Donna Eason

Global Customer Marketing Writer