Whether learning is synchronous or asynchronous, connectivity is mission critical to education and the retention of knowledge.

Online resources rich in media, expertise and interaction are abundant, but require quality connectivity so that the content experienced is the focus of the conversation rather than the connection itself. Technology must be transparent to the learning experience for both students and teachers. And, it must be ubiquitous! Regardless of the location that the student finds himself/herself in, they must be able to connect with the device they have on hand.

Connected Transportation for Education provides a mobile platform to allow connectivity to underserved or remote areas. This is paramount for high poverty families that may not have the financial capability to provide Internet access at home.


Schools are already beginning to experiment with strategically parking buses in particular locations to allow geographic clusters of students and parents to access web resources. Mobile Internet access, distributable via the medium that everyone is familiar with (a school bus or school-authorized transportation vehicle), truly helps build a bridge across the connectivity gap.

Students are the beneficiaries of Connected Transportation for Education in several ways. First, they have Wi-Fi accessibility to online resources while enroute. As teachers record lessons, flip learning opportunities and make materials accessible for review, students need not “waste time” while traveling to and from school. When students ride the bus to a field trip, they can gain access to online resources that enhance the field trip experience. While on their daily route, students may be creating documents or videos and sharing them with their teachers or peers.

This solution can impact districts in multiple ways beyond just connectivity, to improve productivity, maintenance detection and turnaround time, and provide ultimately a safer transportation experience for students. The possibilities with this solution are truly amazing!

With Connected Transportation for Education, we’re paving the way to ubiquitous connectivity, ensuring equality in learning for all students.


Dr. Lance Ford

Education Advocate

Customer Experience Center