The University of British Columbia is making buildings smarter with green initiatives. UBC transformed their building network to obtain highly granular, digital insights into traffic patterns. Using these data analytics, they improved operational efficiencies, resulting in 33 percent lower gas emissions and 5 percent energy savings.

UBC’s one million square meter campus supports approximately 70,000 concurrent clients using the network on 130,000 unique devices, supported by 5500 access points. UBC paved the way in digitizing their network to glean data analytics on traffic patterns to improve and adapt their campus buildings. With Cisco CMX, UBC is now able to dynamically adapt to building occupancy rates.

“The lightbulb moment was when I realized that data could be used to make buildings smart,” said Stefan Storey, CEO and Co-Founder of Sensible Building Science.

Watch how Cisco partnered with UBC to sustain user environmental experiences, yet improve operational efficiencies with automation and analytics, and read more about their deployment here.


Sangita Patel

Cisco SD-WAN, Routing, Cloud Networking Marketing Lead