Teachers, we appreciate all you do. During Teacher Appreciation Week—and every week—we thank you for inspiring our children to excel.

As a parent of two sons in public school, I have seen first-hand how great teachers can motivate children and enable their success. I know that today’s teachers must mindfully impart the skills students need to thrive in an ever-changing world. And I recognize that the best teachers are exemplary listeners, perceiving their students’ needs and personalizing the learning experience to inspire engagement, passion, and curiosity in the classroom.

While there are so many things we appreciate when it comes to teachers, here are just a few examples of where you shine:

  • Supporting and adapting to the needs of your students: You serve as role model and guide, always listening and thinking about ways each student can thrive and be their best.
  • Being open to new ideas: Whether it’s bringing a device into the classroom or trying new assessment tools, you bravely embrace the challenge. You are clever, creative, and ready and willing to do what it takes for your students’ success.
  • Constantly exploring, innovating, and inspiring: You are responsible for the achievements of your students, ensuring they learn in a meaningful way. We know a teacher’s work is never done, and we applaud you for being agile, challenging your boundaries to empower your students to reach new heights.

From the Cisco family to all teachers around the world, please accept our heartfelt “Thank you!”


Lyanne Paustenbach

No Longer with Cisco