What happens when students are put on a bus full of technology and asked to problem-solve in a new way? They learn to collaborate, create and think critically.

This is the concept behind iSchool Initiative’s “Escape the Bus” challenge.

The bus has mobilized the popular escape room concept into a classroom on wheels. Players must work as a team to go through each station and solve problems to discover the secrets of lifelong learning. In the process of finding clues, they learn how to apply new technology in the classroom, the importance of the student voice, and the new project-based learning paradigm.

Most recently, the iSchool bus made a stop at ISTE, where hundreds of educators tested their digital learning skills on the vehicle.

In the last year, Escape the Bus has attracted more than 35,000 visitors, including 15,750 students and 11,900 teachers.

So, where does Cisco come into this high-energy learning game?

The bus has a Cisco infrastructure including an Integrated Services Router (ISR) and Intelligent WAN blade that combines high-speed communications, voice and video, wireless management, and secure access—all in one device. Inside the bus there is full wireless connectivity using a combination of Cisco Meraki and Aironet™ access points. And, during the game, participants also seek answers by connecting with people outside the bus using Cisco TelePresence® technology.

Check out the video below to experience the “Escape the Bus” challenge, and read more about the bus, it’s technology and success here.


Renee Patton

Former Global Director of Education and Healthcare

Global Industry Solutions Group