Like Renee Patton who is Gearing up for EDUCAUSE 2016, I am equally thrilled to be co-presenting with Bruce Maas and Bob Turner from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Our session, Effective Threat Detection: The Key to Constraining Our Attackers on Thursday October 27th from 8 to 8:50 am, will be a highlevel overview of this topic. I hope you will join us.


Bruce Maas is CIO and Vice Provost for IT at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and has been instrumental in developing the security vision for the university. He will talk about the importance of partnership between all stakeholders to achieve effective defenses.

Bob Turner is the Chief Information Security Officer with extensive experience in private industry and the public sector. He is going to talk about how University of Wisconsin – Madison is developing their threat detection and protection capabilities as a path to accomplishing the university’s goals. He will explain how they have partnered within the university, throughout the state and with external partners to develop their architecture. Bob will also discuss key elements introduced in the 2016 Cisco Annual Security Report.

I’ll also show how our latest technology can work in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, so you can constrain the most advanced attackers and protect your university’s information. 

I look forward to seeing you next Thursday morning at EDUCAUSE! 


Peter Romness

Cybersecurity Principal, US Public Sector CTO Office