Blending the old with the new is evident in the city of Boston. Marked with a cobblestone path, The Freedom Trail takes you on a journey through our nation’s rich history of more than 250 years – from the Old State House where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the people, to the Boston Latin School, America’s first public school offering instruction to all. Yet, even on the historic Freedom Trail, just a few steps away you are surrounded by a sophisticated, vibrantly modern city.

BLC16 Blog Pic

This backdrop was the perfect location for the Building Learning Communities Conference, where educational professionals from around the world gathered together to discuss and share revolutionary ideas to transform education. Much like our Founding Fathers, their courage and determination to reimagine learning with technology in today’s untethered, global learning environment was inspiring, yet daunting.

Rethinking the design of once everyday tasks, developing leadership and vision, new educational tools and key behavioral changes, and preparing for resistance of technological adoption were common themes throughout the event.

There were master classes, inspirational keynotes and session options including classes on leadership and managing digital transformation, digital storytelling, using apps and Mindcraft for teaching and learning and even step-by-step instructions on becoming a connected educator.

While there were many great takeaways from the event, here are a few quotes to recap my week:




As the city of Boston reminds us never forget our history, history also reminds us that we must continue to be inspired to do things differently. With technology opening the world to our students, faculty, staff, districts and campuses, we are truly empowered to create our new digital “Freedom Trail.”


Lyanne Paustenbach

No Longer with Cisco