IoT Double Edged SwordWhen I was in grade school, my best friend had a favorite saying whenever he disagreed with somebody’s observation that two things were really similar. “It’s the same, only different,” he would quip. Though this phrase was mostly intended to be flippant and evoke an emotional response from the recipient, I’ve finally found a topic where his phrase is 100 percent legitimate; IoT security. That’s because when it comes to securing IoT, we’re not talking about a single, homogeneous network, but rather the extended network which comprises both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) environments.

While existing IT networks have included cloud and perimeter security for many years, OT environments have traditionally been air gapped from the Internet, and therefore only required physical security components to ensure a high level of secure access and safety for plant personnel. And since IT and OT networks were completely separate, the radical differences in their approach to security didn’t make much of a difference – users of each simply lived in blissful isolation. But IoT is changing all of that!

In the IoT paradigm, IT and OT are necessarily conjoined and connected to the outside world. As such, IT and OT professionals will need to work together to drive pervasive security across the extended network. Since OT gains its connectivity through the existing IT environment, IT should retain control by applying a consistent level of security across the extended network, using many of the same tools it has traditionally employed for the IT environment. However, though the tools will be the same, IT must also recognize that OT environments are inherently different; therefore, security policies will need to be applied differently in each of the respective environments, even for the same specific threat, to reflect their differentiated needs.

In other words, the security solution across the extended network needs to be the same … only different!

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Jeff Aboud

IoT Security Manager

Internet of Things Technologies