As a key enabling technology to the Internet of Everything (IoE), the Internet of Things (IoT), is connecting new places and objects. Manufacturing room floors, energy grids and wearable devices are just a few examples of the millions of objects coming online at an unprecedented pace.

These “things” are creating vast and increasing amounts of data and sharing it over the Internet – largely via machine-to-machine connections. It is one of many important technology transitions taking place today that is making the Internet of Everything a reality.

Recently, I had the chance to participate in a new Future of IT podcast episode with Steve Hilton, co-founder and Managing Director at MachNation. We discussed how today’s IoT solutions are impacting the evolution of the Internet of Everything and ultimately, business outcomes. You can listen to the entire podcast recording via iTunes.

Here’s a look at three ways the Internet of Things is impacting the Internet of Everything and what it means for your organization:

#1: The Internet of Things is part of the Internet of Everything. It’s crucial to understand that the Internet of Everything is the coming together of the Internet of Things, mobility, cloud, big data and analytics, and social.

#2. As the Internet of Things becomes a part of the “natural evolution” of the Internet of Everything, so can your organization. IoT-specific solutions are often limited to one or two capabilities, such as those that only collect and report information. Over time, we will see IoT solutions evolve from simply tracking to actuating. Insights from this influx of data will inform business strategies and affect how we interact with technology and adopt new tech solutions.

#3. As IoT solutions evolve, security concerns need to be addressed along the way. We’ve seen the news reports: Cars, medical devices, and even baby monitors have all been recent targets for Internet of Things “research and development” by hackers. As data becomes smarter and more accessible, security policy and compliance considerations must be developed alongside evolving IoE capabilities.

For more about the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything, I invite you to listen to the Future of IT podcast I participated in with MachNation’s Steve Hilton. The podcast can be downloaded via iTunes.

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Jim Grubb

Chief Technology Evangelist

Cisco Customer Experience Center