IoTChat Aug 13Last week we kicked off our first #IoTChat!  The topic was also the theme for this year’s Internet of Things World Forum, and the overall theme we’ll be embracing for this quarter: IoT is Here, IoT is Now with the implied: (and what does that mean?)

Here are three simple steps to join tomorrow’s #IoTChat:

  1. Follow the hashtag #IoTChat
  2. Introduce yourself when you join
  3. Respond to a question number starting with its answer number  [For example if you’re responding to Q1, start your tweet with A1]

And dive in when you have something to say – we’re all friendly!  This week we’ll be discussing the concept of the “Killer App” – what does this mean for IoT?

Below, a few of the highlights from #IoTChat week 1 (I may have gone overboard with ‘highlight’):

Q1: Is the IoT already here? Yay? Nay? #IoTChat


Q2: When did you have your first IoT experience (Q2b) How would you define it? #IoTChat


Q3: Has your business embraced IoT? #IoTChat

Hope to see you all this week!  Join #IoTChat!


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks