Connecting more things in more places creates new security challenges. Please join us on November 17, 2015 at 8:00AM (PST) for the IoT System Security webinar and learn how to secure and control IoT with the Cisco IoT System Security.

In this webinar you will hear how the IoT System Security product portfolio delivers secure connectivity, visibility, and control to assure that IoT initiatives deliver a competitive advantage for our customers. And you will learn about the new ruggedized Cisco ISA 3000 and how it provides application visibility, policy enforcement, and threat defense.Timeline of IoT Threats 2015

You will hear from a great line up of industry experts:

Tyler Shields, Principal Analyst of IoT Security, Forrester Research, will explain how “threats grow as IoT grows and they will remain long-term threats.  We need to take a holistic approach to how we implement security solutions”.

You will also hear first-hand market perspectives from a Cisco IoT partner, Presidio.  The VP of IoT, Shawn Rahn says, “The industrial market is demanding scalable security to move faster with IoT. These OT ready products and offering security everywhere across the IoT network solve the critical need—ensuring system availability and simplifying compliance.”

Alongside Forrester and Presidio, Vikas Butaney, Senior Director, Product Management, IoT Systems and Software Group Cisco, will walk through the IoT System Security product-portfolio and discuss how it provides security at scale, increases efficiency in executing compliance requirements, and demonstrates trust to end customers.

We need to expand the conversation to cover all IoT security challenges and look forward to hearing our panel discuss how it is possible across many industries including manufacturing and utilities.

Register today for the IoT System Security webinar and, if you haven’t yet, request an invitation to the IoT World Forum.

Looking into the future, we have many more events coming up including the 2015 Internet of Things World Forum this December 6 – 8.  Along with a keynote by John Chambers, the IoTWF is the premier showcase of innovations and opportunities in the business of the IoT. Hosted by Cisco in Dubai, this is a must-attend event for business leaders and innovators driving IoT development and growth. www.iotwf.com


Jaishree Subramania

No Longer with Cisco