The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and driving change in every industry, including the private sector. As companies begin to widely create Internet of Things innovations, businesses are adapting and connecting the unconnected and advancing their business goals. There is approximately $14.4 trillion at stake in the private sector over the next 10 years – and as our panelists today will share, the value realized by introducing their business to the Internet of Things has already been enormous.

In a discussion moderated by Chris, White, Cisco Senior Vice President of Sales for Internet of Everything, our panelists will be sharing how they have deployed Cisco technology to capture the value added by the Internet of Things – and how they are translating that into business outcomes and industry leadership today.

Janet Chaffin, President, Stanley, Black & Decker – Aeroscout Industrial

AeroScout is a real-time operational intelligence platform, designed to give a voice to your “things” by attaching tags which utilize the Cisco Wi-Fi network to triangulate location and send status information back to our MobileView IoT software platform. This deployment allows Aeroscout to automate manual processes in their customer’s operations to increase productivity and safety through applications

Matthew Jennings, Managing Director, Bosch Software Innovations

The Internet of Things represents the fourth industrial revolution, opening up opportunities for a more enjoyable life and new and better ways of doing business. While IoT will create entirely new business models, innovations will have to come more quickly for companies to stay relevant. To do this, managers need to envision the valuable new opportunities that become possible when the physical world is merged with the virtual world and where potentially every physical object can be both intelligent and networked. Starting now, they must create the organizations and IoT-based business models that can turn these ideas into reality.

Mark Gelsomini, Corporate Director, Dundee Precious Metals

The Internet of Things represents a revolution of technology for onsite machinery, but how do we optimize what we have now, in order to make it most effective. At Dundee Precious Metals, we have “Taken the Lid off the Mine” – enabling people, machinery, vehicles and operations in an operational environment over WiFi, which allows us to transform what we classify as a device. We are no longer distinguishing between what is a vehicle and what is a computer. Everything is now a computer because we need that data. As a result, we have increased production by 400 percent and saved $2.5 million USD, along with increasing the safety of our people and assets. By deploying Cisco enabled technology, Dundee has taken the Internet to a place where realistically, it never should have gone – deep into the mine.

John McGagh, Head of Innovation, Rio Tinto

Innovation and embracing IoT has allowed their business to increase its profitability and success. As they deployed their Mine of the Future™ program, they’ve been able to monitor real physical world activities as they are actually happening within their “Internet of things” mine.

IoT allows them to run autonomous trucks and drill rigs; for instance, a truck that has roughly 200 sensors, including 32 on the engine alone, that send “valuable” data into the computer system. This immediate data provides incredible visibility into the positive production impact and cost savings of these implementations in real-time.

The recent introduction of their revolutionary three-dimensional mapping technology to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of mining operations will give Rio Tinto a crucial advantage in the recovery of mineral deposits. For example, in the remote Pilbara iron-ore mining region, they’ve have mined 250,000 metric tons more iron ore than they would have without these innovations.

IoT is here and now, and these are just four of the 250+ real-life deployments we will be sharing at IoTWF. To follow the conversation, continue reading our blog: http://blogs.cisco.com/ioe or follow the conversation on Twitter, #IoTWF.






Chris White

Senior Vice President

IoT Global Sales