The spotlight at the European Utility Week conference is focused on the newest member of the Cisco 800 Series Industrial Router family. The Cisco 807 Industrial Integrated Services Router fits in space constrained areas and consumes minimal power while delivering high performance secure connectivity over LTE networks. For utilities this means pushing grid reliability and power optimization initiatives to areas previously out of reach. Within the extended enterprise, customers can now securely connect and manage power and space constrained remote assets such as ticketing machines and kiosks.

Cisco 807 Industrial Integrated Services Router

Early adoption of the new offering has been with utility distribution automation programs seeking to extend the reach of fault location, isolation and restoration systems by capitalizing on the Cisco 807’s support for IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 compliance and simple integration with SCADA systems. Extending power optimization programs such as Volt-VAR optimization for driving grid efficiency in previously unaddressed areas has been another natural fit for the Cisco 807 in ruggedized, space constrained areas.

“The low power consumption and compact form factor of the Cisco IR 807 provides an excellent solution for our distribution automation and IoT initiatives at Innogy. The secure connectivity for mission critical data delivery helps us continue to drive operational efficiency improvement,” noted Dr. Juergen Tusch, Head of Telecommunications at Innogy.

Pushing the envelope to new areas of grid management with utilities has been an essential element of the overall Cisco IoT networking portfolio. The introduction of the Cisco 807 complements a broad array of solutions offering near term impact with grid reliability and operational efficiency. These include:

  • Distributed fog applications executing on the Cisco 829 enabled by IOx
  • Fleet management secure connectivity with the dual LTE Cisco 829
  • Critical infrastructure protection, compliance and application visibility with the ISA 3000

The Cisco IoT portfolio has helped customers across the energy industry meet the challenges presented by increasing adoption of distributed energy generation and increased demands for grid reliability in the face of climate change. The Cisco 807 further extends the reach of the Cisco IoT networking portfolio to help meet these realities.

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John Reno

Marketing Manager