At Cisco, we believe you’re the champions of configuration, the sultans of software, and the wizards of wireless. You’re the ones who can help turn business intent into business results.

Cisco Live US is a celebration of you. Of IT. And we’re thrilled to host you in Las Vegas at the end of the month.

This year’s theme, “You’re IT,” truly captures the importance of IT in today’s world: it’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow. In today’s digital era, applications are more far-reaching, and the emergence of new systems of engagement are revolutionizing the way you interact with your customers. Every transaction matters. These sophisticated consumers expect a flawless experience and, as a result, you must be able to ensure the health and performance of every single transaction. Failing here means losses to your business.

However, as digital experiences get simpler for consumers, they get more complex for those managing the underlying applications and IT environment. It requires managing the growing complexity as the new world comes together with the old world, driven by the rise of connected devices, distributed architectures, and multi-clouds environments. Organizations must evolve to keep pace with these new demands.

 “As business processes digitalize, infrastructure and operations professionals discover that their observations and analyses are increasingly relevant to other parts of IT and the business as a whole.” — Gartner, 2016

Today, in many ways, applications are the business. When you consider this, it becomes apparent that IT and business performance are inseparable. The two are blended together—so you need to understand how they relate and the associated impact IT has on business outcomes.

We can help. With Cisco IT Insights, you’re able to see more of the business, know more about what is happening and why, and be more proactive to prevent issues, optimize performance, and elevate your role in digital transformation. Cisco IT Insights offerings provide end-to-end visibility, contextual insights, and prescriptive guidance that turns business intent into business outcomes.

We’re excited to showcase these capabilities at Cisco Live US next week.

We have executive-led speaking sessions, and real-world demos in the solution showcase expo, featuring key technologies such as Cisco Tetration, Cisco Stealthwatch, and new analytics capabilities from Cisco DNA.

Register for the conference, stop by the Cisco IT Insights Zone in the Cisco Campus, and attend one of our speaking sessions to see more, know more, and be more with Cisco.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

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Gino Palozzi

Marketing Manager

Analytics & Automation Platforms