Every day, entrepreneurs launch startup companies to create apps, services, products, you name it! But often these self-starters have limited resources, small staffs and thus encounter other challenges that every new company faces.

So what’s the key to any successful startup? Innovation. By finding new and creative ideas to operate a business, entrepreneurs can unlock more potential with their staff, as well as the products and services they deliver to customers.

But startups aren’t the only companies that innovate. While Cisco may be nearing 30 years old, the company proudly sees itself as a major contender in the innovation space, especially in connection to the Internet of Everything. Here a few examples on how Cisco is the new innovator:

Cisco Investment Fund:

To develop a proper ecosystem of technology, innovative developments can’t all come from the same company. It takes multiple technology companies working together to achieve innovation. For Cisco, working within this ecosystem often entails fostering innovation for budding companies through the Cisco Investment Fund.

Cisco is Launching IoE Innovation Centers:

Cisco’s made phenomenal progress in advancing our role in the innovation space by launching a series of IoE innovation centers around the world. Centers have launched in Barcelona, Berlin, Rio, Songdo, Tokyo, Toronto, and on February 18th Cisco announced the expansion of an IoE innovation center in the UK called Cisco CREATE.

Cisco Support of the Innovation Grand Challenge at the IoTWF:

By hosting a series of grand challenges at the 2014 IoTWF in Chicago, Cisco has been able to work with a number of startup companies including Relayr, a startup that created an IoT starter kit called WunderBar.

Want to know more about Cisco’s play in the innovation space? On February 18th, I hosted and moderated a panel on how the Internet of Everything is impacting innovation. This one-hour panel, held in Miami on February 18th, emphasized the efforts Cisco’s made in the innovation space, how startups are embracing IoT and IoE, and how companies can work together within an ecosystem to achieve true innovation. Check out the video recording here:


Helder Antunes

Senior Director

Corporate Strategic Innovations Group