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Are you interested in automating the process of viewing operational data or configuring network devices remotely? YANG models are the foundation to automation and programmability for Cisco IOS XE devices. Not sure where to start? Cisco YANG Suite is a free tool to help understand and visualize Yet Another Next Generation (YANG) models ranging from standards-based models such as OpenConfig and IETF to Cisco native models. Start using YANG Suite today to become a programmability pro!

YANG Suite

The previous releases of YANG Suite include the set of Core Plugins and support for NETCONF, RESTCONF, gNMI, and gRPC telemetry as well as a Python script generator for payloads created within YANG Suite. To simplify your programmability and automation journey, the third release introduces four additional features: gRPC Telemetry with TLS support, SNMP OID to YANG Xpath mapping, Ansible integrations and PIP installation.

YANG Suite

Let’s dive into the new YANG Suite features included in the third major public release.

Secure gRPC Dial-Out using TLS

With increased security threats comes the need for secure telemetry. Now, YANG Suite provides support to upload the necessary certificates and keys to implement Transport Layer Security (TLS).

YANG Suite

Simplify the SNMP to YANG Transition

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) has been become a standard method to understand and work with network devices. However, the new approach is to use YANG models to remotely query network devices for operational data or to configure the devices. To facilitate the transition from SNMP to YANG, YANG Suite provides the option to add an object identifier (OID) and YANG Suite will perform an SNMPwalk to locate the corresponding Xpath. Additionally, you can validate that SNMP and the newly-found YANG model return the same data directly within YANG Suite—sweeeeet!

YANG Suite

Replicate Custom YANG Payloads with Auto-Generated Ansible Playbooks

Quickly and easily generate an Ansible playbook for a NETCONF, RESTCONF, or gNMI payload built in YANG Suite. This can help you run your favorite payloads across multiple devices. All you need to do is build up a payload using our protocol of choice and select “Replays” and the “Generate ansible playbook” button. Now, sit back, relax and let YANG Suite generate Ansible playbooks for you.

YANG Suite

YANG Suite

YANG Suite

Docker or Pip? You decide.

Previously, YANG Suite was accessible using Docker containers. Now, in addition to Docker, we can now install YANG Suite using PIP. Check out the examples below:

YANG Suite

That’s a wrap!

With the third YANG Suite release, we introduce:

  • gRPC Telemetry with TLS Support
  • SNMP OID to YANG Xpath mapping
  • Ansible integrations
  • PIP installation

Now it’s time to try it out yourself!

Grab the code here to embark on your journey to all things YANG Suite, all the time:

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