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When Meraki first stepped onto the scene, it was all about “the dashboard” and the idea that a controllerless, cloud-managed network would change the world (of networking, at the very least!). For Meraki customers, the cloud dashboard continues to be a true game-changer – abstracting the complexity of the command line into an easy to use, intuitive, graphical interface that even non-technical staff can make sense of. So why not stop there?

We’re seeing the roles and responsibilities of IT change – from enterprise to smaller, single-site organizations. As IT teams are increasingly tasked with managing more technologies, products, and services, these groups need new ways to increase efficiency and balance new responsibilities.

In response, we’re seeing network engineers refreshing their programming skills and leveraging APIs to stay ahead. Using APIs, IT teams can more easily:

  • Automate workflows for deployment and management tasks
  • Quickly audit and report on networks and organizations
  • Integrate with 3rd party applications (for reporting, ticket management, badge access control, customer loyalty or marketing platforms, etc.)
  • Build new applications on top of Meraki technologies

If you are new to APIs, programming, or baffled by the thought of getting your hands dirty with code (when the dashboard makes everything so easy and pretty!), we have an upcoming webinar designed specifically for you.

Understanding what’s possible with Meraki APIs will help you:

  • Make better, informed decisions about your upcoming deployment
  • Find opportunities to automate your day-to-day management of Meraki networks
  • Give you somewhere to turn if you are tasked with something that a bit of code can solve or simplify

Register now to join us on Oct 29th to learn more about how others are using Meraki APIs to further automate and simplify their work lives, integrate with other solutions, and build on top of Meraki technologies. You’ll learn what resources are available to get started.

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Melissa Alas

Product Marketing Manager, Cloud and Platform