Automating infrastructure configuration is a big deal and can save your company tons of time and money. Cisco’s Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) automation platform solves configuration management problems, but often requires some learning investment to unlock its full potential. I am thrilled to announce some recently added resources to help you get ramped up in your automation journey with NSO.

New Yang for NSO Learning Labs

The designers of the Yang data modeling language created Cisco NSO, and developing with NSO often requires a working knowledge of Yang syntax and structure. To help ramp up new and existing users, we have built three new Yang for NSO DevNet learning labs, adding them to the Get Started with NSO Learning Track:


Even though Yang is often taught in the context of content related to NETCONF/RESTCONF, since it is a core concept with NSO, these labs are tailor-made to prepare you for using Yang in NSO. There are also XML/XPATH labs in progress and Service Development labs planned as well. Stay tuned!

Recordings Now Available for Cisco Dev Days

In mid-September we hosted our Developer Days EMEAR 2021 virtual event. We had a wide range of topics and talks covered, from customer success stories to technical deep dives on topics like XPATH or PyATS with NSO.

The sessions were short (20 minutes or less) and focused with a view on practical outcomes.
Check out the recordings!

New NSO Dev Center

I announced at Dev Days, and Stuart wrote a blog detailing the features in our brand new NSO Dev Center on Cisco DevNet.


The Dev Center includes a host of awesome features such as:

  • Persona based content (Developer, Operator, NetDevOps Engineer)
  • Interactive Learning Labs
  • Interactive Docs for the NSO RESTCONF API

We will continue to update the Dev Center with new resources as they become available.
Visit the new NSO Dev Center to learn more, and give the learning labs a try!

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Jason Belk

Lead Technical Advocate

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