The DevNet Specialization for Cisco’s Partners is constantly evolving. A couple of weeks ago, Chuck Stickney (DevNet Specialization Lead) together with Marcus Lind (CEO, Miradot), had a great discussion in one of the Partner Interactive Webinars in Cisco’s Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia region. One of the main topics was how Miradot – our first DevNet Specialized Partner – is applying DevNet to their solutions. How DevNet is helping them transform their business and deliver successful outcomes to the customers.

There are 3 major areas through which DevNet enables business transformation:

  • Agility, innovation, and speed
  • Ecosystem innovation
  • Team and processes

Empowering differentiation through APIs

One of the crucial points on the journey to business transformation is also empowering innovation and differentiation through APIs. During the webinar, attendees learned how APIs can apply to different use cases across different industries, including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and others. The skillset and knowledge that is reflected by DevNet Specialization can be fantastic proof to your customers that you can deliver innovative solutions that empower automation across their organizations.

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Why become Specialized?

Marcus Lind, CEO of Miradot, shared with us some insights into how his organization has benefited by achieving the DevNet Specialization. Why was that important? Being a small-sized partner company, they wanted to make sure, they not only have the way to increase their market base, but also to make change. They knew that amongst all the competition in their market, they needed something unique to differentiate themselves – which is when they started their journey to become DevNet Specialized.

How does it help them run the business on a daily basis?

Through the DevNet Specialization, Miradot has managed to have over 50% of their employees become DevNet Certified. They felt that to succeed and differentiate themselves across different partners, they had to find their niche. It turned out that the way to get their customers to have better discussions with them, is to embrace automation in their organization. Since becoming DevNet Specialized, Miradot has helped their customers define and navigate their infrastructure.

What do you want to do now?

  1. View the recording of the latest Partner Interactive Webinar delivered in EMEAR, and check out the valuable insights shared by Marcus Lind!
  2. Become an automation ambassador at your company! Learn and practice new skills, gain your DevNet Certification, and apply your skills to your daily activities. Visit DevNet Start Now to start your programmability journey.
  3. Differentiate yourself among other Partners, lead through innovation, and start delivering better outcomes for your customers with the DevNet Specialization for Partners.

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Katarzyna Sotek

Program Manager - DevNet Specialization

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