Every year, on the weekend before CiscoLive Europe we organize a DevNet Express for those passionate customers and partners willing to spend Saturday and Sunday with us. It’s two full days on how to get started for a specific product set of APIs… from scratch. As an attendee you get to listen, learn, and immediately put into practice everything you’ve learned. Who could say no to such a proposal?

Meraki DevNet Express at CLEUR 2020

I still remember the first year, when we wondered how many people will show up? What if we stand alone there and nobody comes? But since its first delivery we have consistently maxed the capacity of the venue, and in fact grown every year making us think where we will hold it next year to accommodate more attendees. The reason for this is the hunger in our ecosystem to expand engineers’ skills and adopt programmability as the natural catalyst for automation, innovation and integration.

This year we decided to focus the event on Meraki APIs… and judging by the numbers it was a fantastic decision! Again we had a full room with 100 participants from customers and partners across EMEAR, turning this into one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) DNE in the world!

Together we spent day-1 covering all the basics on how to get started with python, REST APIs and more. Day-2 was exclusively focused on the different available Meraki integrations, including the Meraki Dashboard APIs, Analytics & Monitoring, and its Captive Portal. But who did deliver this content? Who proctored for so many attendees? Lucky us we had awesome members of our EMEAR programmability makers step up and get ready to support the event. Gotta love this community!

Staff_DevNet Express Meraki CLEUR 2020A full staff of Meraki experts were on-hand to make sure
every attendee had a successful DevNet Express

Swag_DevNet Express Meraki CLEUR 2020Of course, DevNet had a lot of swag… some of it so cool that you
could only get it if you completed all the missions during the weekend.

And to demonstrate how critical programmability is, we had Koen Jacobs (Sr Director EMEAR SE) and Tim Carnes (VP Global SE) welcoming our audience and discussing the importance of this new skill set for next-generation Systems Engineers and how it drives additional business opportunities.

CLEUR 2020Tim Carnes (VP Global SE) and Koen Jacobs (Sr Director EMEAR SE) joined to talk
about the importance of programming skills for next-generation Systems Engineers

If you were not able to attend please check this extremely cool 2-min video summarizing what happened there… you’ll find a ton of familiar faces there, both from the makers community and Cisco customers & partners.

And if you want to learn more about the power of Meraki APIs, and how they are strongly driving Meraki business take a look at this conversation that happened during one of the breaks.

Excited about Meraki APIs?

I thought so! No worries, DevNet has you covered with everything you might need:


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Julio Gomez

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