What do you get when you combine Cisco Spark with outer space? The Starship Team Challenge, an exciting adventure game where attendees race to complete a deep space mission!

Attendees at Cisco LIVE LatAm 2017 will be able to participate in the Cisco Spark Starship Team Challenge and compete for bragging rights and fun prizes. To complete the mission, teams must locate important resources that have been hidden around the Cisco LIVE venue. It sounds simple, right? There’s just one little problem… The resources have been spread around so many places and sessions that no single attendee could possibly find them all! That’s where Cisco Spark comes in. Attendees must collaborate and share information on Cisco Spark to complete the mission, so the best TEAM really does win!

There are 12 resources teams must locate to complete the mission. The first, and obviously most important, is a Starship! Of course, finding a Starship that is fully operational would be too easy. As it turns out, teams will also need to locate a new hyper-drive engine, ion fuel, a sensor array and other essentials for skipping halfway across the galaxy. And come to think of it, they’ll need a crew, or at least a good space pilot! They will also need to know where they are going, and what they are supposed to pick up, so discovering the destination planet and cargo is essential.

The resources they need are located on slides that have been hidden in virtually every part of the Cisco LIVE Cancun event. Many of the slides will be hidden in Cisco and partner presentations during sessions. One minute you’re sitting through slides that describe the Cisco IoT Kinetic platform, and the next thing you know, BAM! Up pops a slide that tells you a source for ION FUEL has been discovered! What do you do? Share that information with your team on Cisco Spark, of course! You can either take a picture of the slide that identifies the location of the fuel, or simply type in a message with the name of the location.

Other locations for finding the resources your team needs include product demonstrations in the World of Solutions in the Cisco Campus, partner booths, and most importantly, the DevNet Zone! Once teams have gathered all 12 resources needed to complete the mission, they must post their list to the Cisco SpaceFleet HQ space on Spark. The first team to correctly locate all 12 resources is the winner, and the top 10 teams finishing win prizes.

To play the game, attendees can download Spark from the Cisco Event app on their phone. All of the instructions for playing are in the Starship Team Challenge space. To be assigned to a team, attendees can ask any Cisco Spark Expert wearing the blue Spark shirts, located in the Collaboration booth and around the venue. Teams all have fun names like the Space Invaders, Star Trippers and the Cosmic Collaborators!

The first place team wins a cool patch that identifies them as Cisco Spark Starship Team Challenge winners at Cisco LIVE Cancun 2017! They also get their team name added to the Starship Team Challenge trophy! The first 10 teams to complete the mission and post their results will all win Wireless Chargers!

If Cisco Spark can help your team reach the stars, just imagine what it can do for your company! So best of luck on your space adventure, work as a team, have fun, and may the force be with you! Or rather, may Cisco Spark be with you!


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Karl Dahlin

Business Development & Strategic Alliances Manager

Cloud Collaboration Technology Group