Industrial customers are increasingly realizing the importance of digitization to compete and stay relevant in today’s business environment. Any digitization efforts involve connecting thousands of sensors and devices to the network, extracting and processing key operational data. The task however is challenging. IoT devices speak a range of different protocols with different schemas. A typical project can have devices in the thousands. Anytime these many devices are getting online, it’s essential to make sure they are secure and cannot be hacked. All of these considerations tend to make such projects both expensive and time consuming.

Cisco IoT teams understand the challenges

Having worked with thousands of industrial customers, the IoT teams at Cisco understand these challenges and are building products and solutions with these requirements in mind. We are also partnering with key Industrial Software Vendors to fill in the need for niche industry expertise. By utilizing Cisco’s application hosting platform (IOx) that runs on edge Cisco Hardware, they are able to easily and securely host their applications without worrying about infrastructure, security, management or connectivity and focus on creating compelling industrial Use Cases

Through our new IOx Interoperability Verification testing (IVT) program, we want to ensure that these IOx applications interoperate seamlessly with our hardware and software. Ensuring interoperability with Cisco platforms helps ISVs to reduce risk, build trust, differentiate themselves and provide a great customer experience post sale. Key highlights of this program include:

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We have announced the following companies as our launch partners for this program at Cisco Live San Diego 2019:
Eximprod : Virtual RTU & Protocol Translation
Alleantia : Connected Machine Solution with Drivers for Industrial Systems
Telit : deviceWISE Gateway
SAS* : Solar & Wind Farm Edge Analytics & Anomaly Detection

To get started, join Cisco’s Solution Partner Program. Also refer to “Solution Partner Getting Started Guide” below:

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Gaurav Agarwal

Solutions Architect

Internet of Things (IoT) Networking Group