In the first blog of this series, we looked at building workflows around IST (Intersight Services for Terraform) automations to provision IKS infrastructure and deploy a sample cloud native application with ICO (Intersight Cloud Orchestrator). In the second blog we created and executed TFCB (Terraform for Cloud Business) workspaces for the complete deployment of a multi service Tomcat application and instrumentation for AppDynamics insights.

Let’s now take that automation a step further by provisioning ICO (Intersight Cloud Orchestrator) workflows leveraging the TFCB workspaces that we just created.

Use Case

Let’s take a look at a use case of deploying a multi-service Tomcat application leveraging IST and ICO. As a value add, the ICO workflows will include AppDynamics Insights for this legacy application leveraging AppDynamics Zero Friction Installer (or ZFI) or AppDynamics Agent Installer.


In the above diagram, each of the blocks refer to a ICO workflow. As you can see, a single workflow encapsulates not only creating all the TFCB workspaces, assign variables and also account for dependencies.

  • Set up and execute workflow to provision infrastructure and deploy application
  • Set up and execute workflow to generate application load

Please check out this entry in DevNet Code Exchange for details on this use case.

Additional Resources

  • More information on ICO
  • More information on IST
  • More information on ZFI
  • More information on TFCB

Up next

In the next blog, we’ll explore leveraging IST to deploy cloud native apps on IKS (Intersight Kubernetes Service).

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