Join me June 29th for the first webinar in our IoT series, Intro to IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that conveys a lot of thoughts on technology. We often talk about it in terms of the number of devices connected to our world. For example, “Sometime in the near-to-far future, there will be 800 billion, 40 trillion, 100 gazillion devices connected to the internet.” The thought alone of that volume of anything is overwhelming.

This feeling is compounded when developers and engineers think about developing their own IoT based solutions. Developers are faced with questions like:

  • what devices do I use?
  • how do I write code for those devices?
  • what about connecting those devices?
  • how do I deploy my app to those devices?

Now I don’t like things that are complicated. (Perhaps that is why I choose dogs for pets instead of cats :-).  As an engineer and developer, I like breaking technologies down to their simplest form. Doing this helps me understand how we really use technology to make things work.

IoT webinar series dates

When working with new technologies, having a little bit of knowledge goes a long way to getting you started. That’s why we’re launching our IoT Webinar Series. In the series we will cover topics including:

You can register for these webinars now by clicking on the links above.

To help you get started on your IoT journey, our first webinar will be “Intro to IoT.”  Think of me as your Zen master leading you on the journey to true IoT enlightenment. To get there, we will cover the basics of IoT and how that applies to choosing devices, communication standards for your solution, and how you get started with application development and deployment.

Learn the pinnacles of IoT

  • Data – The core function of any IoT device or application
  • Connectivity – What makes things part of the internet
  • Protocols – How do devices and applications speak to each other
  • IoT devices – What devices are useful depends on what solution you are building
  • Software Development – What code languages you will use and how to manage the life cycle of your applications.
  • Data Visualizations – What to use to display your data and the communication surrounding that.
  • IoT / Edge Architecture – Putting together the previous pinnacles to form full solutions.

We will also talk about how you can utilize DevNet resources to make the journey smoother for your IoT applications.

Please Register now to join me on June 29th for the first webinar in our IoT series, “Intro to IoT.”

I’m looking forward to seeing y’all, virtually. The content we’ll cover will certainly have an impact on your IoT journey. Stay safe and healthy and see you soon.

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