I’ve had many opportunities to speak at conferences during my career, but this upcoming Cisco Live will be my first time leading a workshop in the Cisco Live DevNet Zone. I’ll also be a presenter at other sessions. The common threads among the sessions are topics related to on-premises computing. Specifically, workloads that run on Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS).  

Here are my sessions: 

Event Driven Infrastructure with Intersight Kubernetes Service and TriggerMesh, June 14, at noon.
Cisco’s Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS) provides an on-premise Kubernetes platform as-a-Service. TriggerMesh is an open-source cloud-native integration platform built on Kubernetes and Knative used to build event-driven infrastructure. In this session, you’ll see a demo of the power of the open-source TriggerMesh project to take any source of data, transform and route that data using any language or serverless function, and send it to your modern cloud-native applications, all running on Cisco IKS.

Exploring Cisco Intersight PowerShell and Python SDK with Jupyter Notebook, June 15 at 1pm.
In this hands-on workshop you’l use Jupyter Notebook to explore Intersight PowerShell and the Python SDK.  You’ll pull inventory, apply filter queries, and query the Alarms resource in Intersight while building a notebook you can take with you expand on later.

The Daily Stand-Up Show: A place where Dev and Ops can both be heard, June 15, at 2.30pm.
In this session, my fellow Developer Advocate, Denise Kwan and I are hosting a short (20 min) talk we call The Daily Standup Show. Our goal is highlight the collaboration between a developer (Denise) and someone with an operations background (me).  Please join the conversation as we discuss issues around how Devs and Ops work together to promote or optimize an organization’s DevOps transformation. 

Intersight Kubernetes Service Observability for Cloud Native SD-WAN Optimization, June 16 at noon.
The Wide Area Network is often in the critical path of your application workflow. Especially when users are about to complete revenue-impacting transactions, WAN resources should be allocated to minimize application performance degradation. In this session we’ll illustrate how hybrid cloud applications, deployed via Cisco IKS, leverage the Cloud-Native SD-WAN API to discover and optimize those mission critical application flows.

I also recommend these: 

Intro to Kubernetes, June 13 at 2pm

In this session, Cisco Developer Advocate, Jock Reed will introduce you to Kubernetes technologies and cloud orchestration. This session will show you how powerful Kubernetes is for managing and monitoring applications and application life cycles. This session will cover the basic components of a Kubernetes application, and the base level units for how an application is brought to life using Kubernetes. We’ll also discuss how Kubernetes has made its way into edge compute applications.

Introduction to APIClarity – A Wireshark for API’s, June 14 at 3pm, and June 16, at 10am.
Not all applications in the cloud native world have their open API specification available – and this is especially true for legacy and/or external applications. When we try to utilize APIs or assess the risk of these APIs, having the open API specification is an essential and required building block. In this webinar, we will introduce APIClarity, a new open source tool that will act as a Wireshark for APIs and, when installed in a Kubernetes environment.

To learn more, I recommend planning some time at the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live US in person or virtually.  Or visit the DevNet Networking Dev Center to find APIs, use cases, and learning resources related to network programmability and automation. There is a lot to learn about what Cisco is doing in the areas of security, observability, network automation, computing, and so much more. 

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Mel Delgado

Developer Advocate

Cisco DevNet - Data Center Compute