Good things have come out of 2020. More time to spend together with our families, more outside time, and a few good TV shows. Like Cobra Kai. It’s a story of two karate rivals, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, on their journeys to build their own dojos, or karate studios. It’s a continuation of the Karate Kid saga. The story packs a punch and teaches lessons on how we can all change the narratives of our own lives by taking on new challenges.

In true Cobra Kai spirit, I’d like to finish out the year with a focus on how we can “flip the script” in 2020, looking at what we have done and challenging ourselves to do something important, something that makes a positive difference before we leave this year behind in the history books.

How we flipped the script in 2020

This year, we’ve watched the world digitally transform, and we’ve seen how automation changes everything at an accelerated pace. New needs have arisen to enable remote work, learning, healthcare, retail and more in parallel with the need for new job roles to support digital transformation and automation at scale, leveraging the new capabilities of programmable networks.

In February of 2020, we made the biggest and most important change to our learning and certification program in over 25 years. We flipped the script by introducing 11 brand-new DevNet certifications – the first of their kind – to ensure software developers and IT professionals could learn and validate their skills at the Specialist, Associate and Professional levels. These DevNet certifications create new possibilities, because they give engineers the power to automate, use DevOps and put the power of programmable networks into application developers’ hands. They’re preparing people for job roles on the horizon in 2021, including:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • CyberOps Engineer
  • Data Center Network Automation Developer
  • Data Center Network Automation Engineer
  • Delivery Engineer
  • Developer Advocate
  • DevSecOps Engineer
  • Enterprise Network Automation Developer
  • Security Network Automation Developer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • API Architect
  • Technical Leader
  • Technical Trainer
  • WebEx Integration Architect
  • WebScale Engineer

True fighters with true grit

It only took 16 days for the first 500 people to become DevNet certified. We honor them as the DevNet 500. They will go down in history as tech pioneers and we continue to recognize and reward their initiative in taking the early lead.

There have been so many more getting DevNet certified since – well over 6000, and we’re not ready to stop there. Clearly, you’re not either. Thousands of you found the silver lining during the lockdown and took the opportunity to study up, get ready and set to take the test. And when exam centers were closed, we found a whole new way for you to certify. One that would not compromise our rigorous standards for exam integrity. In April, we introduced online exams so you could test at home, and the race was on again to get DevNet certified.

To all those who certify this year, you are leading the industry and making history. We recognize you as the DevNet Class of 2020. We know it wasn’t easy. We know you’re fighters. We celebrate your true grit, how you flipped the script. Turning a hard year into a year of possibility. And now, you’ll have more to show for it. We’re talking about your own place of honor within the DevNet community.

Join our dojo: The DevNet Class of 2020!

If you haven’t done it yet, earning your DevNet certification in 2020 is an opportunity to make the year memorable for the right reasons. For good. For your future. For your team, your business, the industry, for innovation in tech. It’s a way to prepare for job roles of today and tomorrow, the ones that will lead the way and provide new opportunities in your career. And, it’s a way to show that hard work and persistence pays. Following in the footsteps of the first CCIEs of 1993, you’re making your mark and opening up new doors that reveal how we can flip the script in 2020, by connecting in new ways and unleashing the full capabilities of today’s new programmable networks. Like in Cobra Kai, you can earn your DevNet Certification and join our dojo.

Oh, and we should mention it comes with a DevNet sweatshirt, stickers, too. And, an exclusive digital badge for your LinkedIn profile that shows the world what you’ve accomplished.

It also makes you a member of the DevNet Class of 2020 community, a community of leaders in this fast growing, high achieving field. Those relentless fighters who were the first in the world to skill up on bringing together software development and DevOps practices with programmable networks and infrastructure. Those who were first to earn their DevNet certifications and, like you, have become part of the DevNet Class of 2020.

There’s still time to be a part of it, and special discounts for training and certifications.

Here’s your chance to move forward to your change despite So…Many…Obstacles. This year may have packed a punch, and only you can flip the script to make 2020 a year of growth and transformation. Learn more.

Best wishes for a happy – and safe – holiday ahead!

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