It has become a tradition. Every year, on the weekend before Cisco Live Europe, we organize a weekend of fun and APIs for our dear EMEAR customers and partners. Yes, you read it right… a weekend; two full days! And I know what you are thinking: “Who in their right mind would spend their weekend away from home, and get in a room to learn about Cisco APIs?” Well, apparently many of us.

DevNet Express 2019
2019 DevNet Express Attendees

Every year this 2-day DevNet Express (DNE) event gets its 100 slots fully booked very quickly, becoming one of the best attended DNEs worldwide. Partners and customers across the region arrive a couple of days earlier to Cisco Live, so they can spend 48 hours with multiple Cisco speakers and proctors, getting started on programmability and the APIs for a specific architecture.

This year we will spend the weekend of January 25-26th in Barcelona, covering everything related to Meraki APIs. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about all the required programming fundamentals with Python and how REST APIs work. Most importantly they will also understand how the APIs provided by Meraki’s cloud-managed networking platform enable automation, management, and security. Our agenda will cover the most relevant Meraki integrations:

  • Dashboard API
  • Monitoring & analytics integrations
  • External captive portal

And while we are at it, we will have a lot of fun! There will be missions to accomplish, badges to earn… and some cool swag to reward attendees’ success!

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this amazing event in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Register now and get ready to be amazed by the power of Meraki APIs!

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Julio Gomez

Programmability Lead, EMEAR

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