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Meraki is well known for its feature richness and ease of use. It has multiple integrations to other cloud services for orchestration, security, management, etc… so why would you need to automate adding some firewall rules?

Invariably customers will find themselves in a situation, usually due to being in the middle of a migration, where they cannot do exactly what they are looking to do with the tools available in the portal.

Fortunately, the Meraki Dashboard APIs can help bridge that gap and not only for specific use cases that might be missing, it can also be used to complement existing features to fit very specific customer use cases.

Once you know how to connect to the Meraki dashboard using Python – and understand the structure of the API and have examples on how to invoke the various functions – it becomes a matter of using very basic Python language constructs (looks, conditional statements, console input/output) to be able to easily automate a process that can run in minutes, instead of hours

On September 26th I’ll be presenting a live webinar, a demo really, in which we will look at how to add L3 firewall rules to entire Cisco Meraki Networks via a Python script.


L3 firewalls in Meraki


For solving this particular need, I could have written a self-contained utility with a web front end. Instead, I chose a linear python script with many comments, so it would be very familiar to work with for most network administrators. It should give admins the ability to make changes without being too afraid of “breaking” things.

In this demo you’ll learn how to obtain a Meraki API Key and use it in a Python script that leverages the Meraki Python library to greatly simplify making API calls to add new L3 rules. We will walk you through the code focusing on customizations and how to add capabilities.

Register to attend the webinar now. I look forward to seeing you there.

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