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DevNet is always looking for ways to help you do business smarter. And with our new IoT Edge Intelligence tools, you can now get your data directly from the network edge to the cloud, or from your own data center. Read on to learn how.

Connect assets at the edge to multi-cloud application destinations

Cisco recently made its brand new IoT data orchestration software – Edge Intelligence – publicly available. Edge Intelligence (EI) connects assets at the edge to multi-cloud application destinations securely, reliably and consistently.

The software integrates nicely with Cisco’s industrial networking and compute devices, which means that it already runs on some IOx capable devices (IR829, IR809, IC3000 and more to come very soon!). But today, you can get EI as a SaaS, where the user can manage assets, data policies, and data destinations via a centralized UI that enables remote deployment at scale.

Cisco Edge Intelligence

Here at DevNet, we wanted to make EI fun and easy. So, you can now test, learn, and get hands-on with EI with our new Learning Lab and DevNet Sandbox:

How it works

Edge Intelligence is built on 4 pillars:

  1. Data Extraction: You can automatically ingest data from any edge sensor using built in industry standard connectors residing on Cisco Network equipment. Supported sensor protocols include OPC-UA, Modbus (TCP-IP and Serial-RTU) and MQTT
  2. Data Transformation: You can create intelligent, business ready tasks using policies to filter, compress, or analyze data using real-time computing. Edge Intelligence supports creating these data logic scripts using industry standard IDE tools (e.g. Microsoft VSCode)
  3. Data Governance: You can create a central point of control with the authority and security to determine who has access and where that data may be accessed. Edge Intelligence allows for policy control at device and attribute level on raw or transformed data.
  4. Data Delivery: You can choose and deliver which data is sent to which analytics destinations with seamless integration with cloud providers, including Azure IoT Hub and standard MQTT based destinations, like Quantela, Software AG.

Cisco Edge Intelligence

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Here’s an easy way to find more about how Edge Intelligence works. In my August 26th webinar we will show you how you can create your asset types, asset inventory, and data policies within just a few minutes. And, send data from the edge to your MQTT broker or preferred cloud hosting service. We will also showcase creating data logic scripts for data transformation using the industry-standard IDE tool Visual Studio Code.

Where to get more information about Edge Intelligence

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