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Learn how to optimize your approach to DevOps

DevOps has revolutionized the way enterprise software is developed and deployed, enabling development and operations teams to build an automated set of processes that deliver applications faster and more efficiently. But implementing DevOps practices isn’t always an easy transition, especially for organizations that are new to the process. That is why we created the “Bringing DevOps to Life” learning map. (One of six topic-specific guides to DevNet sessions taking place at Cisco Live.) Whether you’re attending CLUS 2023 in person or following along online, if you’re interested in optimizing your approach to DevOps, this learning map is for you!

Explore the latest ideas about DevOps at Cisco Live

The “Bringing DevOps to Life” learning map is a sequenced session path of CLUS 2023 classroom, workshop, and theater sessions designed to help you get up to speed on the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies to successfully implement DevOps practices within your organization. Watch Jeff Bull’s short video below to start exploring which sessions you’re interested in, then head over to the learning map session builder   and pick your custom schedule.

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Explore the entire Bringing DevOps to Life learning map

Get more Cisco Live inspiration

  • Explore the other Cisco Live learning maps, and learn about session types in this blog post.
  • Find all DevNet sessions, enjoy live event broadcasts June 6-8, and explore new sandboxes, learning labs, and lightning talks on the DevNet Zone event page .
  • If you’re attending in person, remember to stop by the DevNet Zone for even more fun and learning. We’re looking forward to meeting you!
  • Follow along on social: Find the latest event highlights on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Experience the best of Cisco Live, virtually!

If you cannot join Cisco Live in person, please check the daily DevNet readout/takeaways with our live broadcast. We’re recording many sessions and organizing the highlights to bring the event to you.

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