The theme for this year’s Cisco Live is “Let’s Go” which is entirely appropriate considering how much I can’t wait to do just that. Since we have more than a month to go the next best thing is building your schedule which I am here to help you with. You can find all the DevNet Zone sessions by following the DevNet Track. But beware… there are over 200 sessions to choose from! So, maybe grab a snack first.

In addition to the DevNet track we have prepared 5 distinct Learning Maps to help you  get some depth into the areas you care about the most. Each map offers a sequenced session path to help you get the most out of your Cisco Live experience.

Reach your learning goals with Learning Maps

Here are the five DevNet Learning Maps (in no particular order) and some of the sessions you’ll find within each map:

  1. “Bringing DevOps to Life” Learning Map
  2. “Dev + Sec + Ops = Success” Learning Map
  3. “Getting Started with Cloud Native” Learning Map
  4. “Observability & Beyond” Learning Map
  5. “Infrastructure-as-Code” Learning Map

Still curious? Watch these videos to learn more about the maps.

You can also see the complete list of Learning Maps by technology track.

Explore the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live

In case you have never been to Cisco Live before here is a quick breakdown on the different session types you’ll find in the DevNet Zone: 

Workshops are my favorite because these intimate learning sessions allow you to leave the session with a new skill you can apply in your job the very next day. With only 12 spots for each you can expect these to fill up quickly so don’t delay. 

These bigger sessions seat around 60 and are conveniently located in the DevNet Zone where you can easily connect with the speakers after for follow up conversations ? 

These high impact sessions conveniently located in the DevNet zone have open seating for about 100 but let’s be honest. Your tired

 conference legs will thank you for reserving an actual chair. 

Lightning Talks:
These short, fun sessions help you get just enough information but seating is quite limited so don’t delay. You can also catch them on our YouTube channel the next day, so there is no excuse for not checking out a few of these fast-paced and fun sessions even if you are not attending Cisco Live in person. 

There are 200+ seats available for these epic learning experiences that will ensure you leave the room smarter. My personal favorites are any and all BRKDEV sessions. 

All sessions (except for workshops) will be recorded and made available after the conclusion of the conference. With your Cisco Live login you’ll be able to access sessions you couldn’t make, or want to listen to again.

Keep in touch

You can sign up for email updates and check out our event page for details on DevNet Zone Takeovers, know before you go information, and

 everything else DevNet at Cisco Live US. If you just can’t wait than I highly reccomend you check out our YouTube channel and watch or re-watch some of the fun recaps and lightning talks from last year

See you in Vegas!



Jeff Bull

Head of Developer Community

Cisco DevNet