Cisco Live Europe opens next week in Barcelona, and as always the DevNet Zone has an awesome agenda of hands-on workshops, speaker sessions, and more ready for attendees. In addition, this year we will have FIVE “DevNet Zone Takeovers” – sessions during which you can focus in on a specific Cisco technology, see demos, and get your questions answered by experts from the product business units.

Each “Takeover” begin with a 45-minute introductory session to familiarize yourself with the foundational aspects of the technology and learn a bit about associated DevNet Certifications. Then, stay for a special takeover hour with giveaways, light snacks, and the chance to win a backpack full of goodies from the Backpack Challenge. So, hold on tight and bookmark these sessions in your Cisco Live schedule.



Monday, January 27 | 04:00 PM – 04:45 PM
Start Now Cisco ACI Programmability, the tasks and the tools. – DEVNET-1236
Quinn Snyder, TECHNICAL LEADER.ENGINEERING, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco ACI Programmability is in your reach, a few simple concepts and some readily available programming tools are all you need to Start Now! This session will show participants how to get started programming Cisco ACI. Programmatic interaction with Cisco ACI improves operational efficiency and reduces human error. Participants will learn about the Cisco ACI Object Model, the source of truth in which all Cisco ACI objects are defined and maintained. Participants will learn how to get started programming quickly with a demonstration of the Cisco ACI REST API and Postman, an API development tool. Participants will be guided through the use of the Cisco ACI Toolkit, a collection of simplified Cisco ACI API interactions, example scripts and actual applications. All code examples and tools shown in this session are freely available.


Monday, January 27 | 05:00 PM – 05:45 PM
TAKEOVER: ACI Anywhere with DevNetDEVNET-4001
Srinivas Kotamraju, DIRECTOR.PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, Cisco Systems, Inc.

ACI Anywhere enables customers to deploy scalable multi-cloud networks with a consistent policy model. In this session, we will discuss the vision and core components necessary for enabling ACI Anywhere. Customers can realize the advantages of multi-cloud architectures by seamlessly extending ACI Anywhere. Any app, Any cloud.

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Tuesday, January 28 | 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM
IoT 101: Getting Started with IoT – DEVNET-1235
Jock Reed, ENGINEER.SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, Cisco Systems, Inc. – Distinguished Speaker

Through this classroom session you will learn the technologies you need to know to make working with IoT straight forward and easy. You will learn about the most common used protocols for communication in IoT, you will learn about which devices are good to get started with, and you will learn how to build IoT applications in the ever evolving world of IoT. This session will have light coding and will have live examples of using IoT.


Tuesday, January 28 | 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
TAKEOVER: IoT and DevNet, a true love story – DEVNET-1229
Mirko Graebel, MANAGER.TECHNICAL MARKETING, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The world is changing faster than ever before, and IoT is at the forefront of that. In this session, you’ll get a high level overview on how the IoT group and DevNet team up to help you bring IoT solutions to life. We will go over the beginnings of their collaboration and how they got more involved over time. We will also share some interesting metrics showing their common success. All of this will be wrapped into a fun and entertaining love story. Finally we will show a demo of the latest IoT DevNet collaboration efforts aligned to recent Cisco IoT product launches.

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Tuesday, January 28 | 04:00 PM – 04:45 PM
Cisco DNA Center 101: Getting started with Cisco DNA Center Platform – DEVNET-1234
Kareem Iskander, Developer Advocate, Cisco Systems, Inc. – Distinguished Speaker

Cisco DNA Center is the network management and command center for Cisco DNA, your intent-based network for the enterprise. DEVNET aims to kickstart your Cisco DNA Center learning journey. In this session will introduce you to the DNA Center Platform Intent Based APIs, dive into the Network Device and Assurance APIs, and send you on your way with resources to continue your learning beyond this session.


Tuesday, January 28 | 05:00 PM – 05:45 PM
TAKEOVER: Whirlwind Tour of Cisco DNA Center for Managing Network Intent – DEVNET-1228
Adam Radford, DISTINGUISHED ARCHITECT.SALES, Cisco – Distinguished Speaker

Cisco DNA Center open platform places an incredible amount of power in your hands. Using these APIs, you can write programs that adjust the network in real-time to support your business needs. You can reduce the time you spend on routine activities and get more time to focus on more important needs. Join this session to explore what’s possible and check out some practical use cases and what has changed in the past 12 months.

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Wednesday, January 29 | 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM
Start Now with Cisco UCS programmability and automation: From the data center to converged to the cloud – DEVNET-3212
John McDonough, TECHNICAL LEADER.SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, Cisco Systems, Inc. – Distinguished Speaker

Cisco UCS started with a simple premise, “Completely Programmable Compute Infrastructure” with an API First methodology. The core of the Cisco UCS API is an Object Model that encompasses every programmable aspect of Cisco UCS. Python and PowerShell SDKs along with Ansible and Terraform modules have been created to enhance developer capabilities. Cisco Intersight, the SaaS platform that enables Cisco UCS and HX management globally from the Cloud with a modern REST API built on the OpenAPI specification sets a new standard for compute infrastructure management. This session will cover how to get started using the Cisco UCS XML API and the Cisco Intersight REST API with examples from each of the most popular developer tools.


Wednesday, January 29 | 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
TAKEOVER: Powering Data Center Infrastructure Programmability and Automation: Cisco Intersight’s API and Integrations – DEVNET-3214
David Soper, ENGINEER.TECHNICAL MARKETING, Cisco Systems, Inc. – Distinguished Speaker

Cisco Intersight enables “Completely Programmable Infrastructure” with an API first methodology built on the modern, REST OpenAPI specification. Intersight’s API framework provides integrations with common developer and management tools such as Python, PowerShell, Ansible, Terraform, and ServiceNow. Integrations with third-party operations tools provide additional capabilities for end-to-end workload deployment and optimization. This session will cover how to get started with the Intersight API and will show how the API powers programmability and automation with demos from popular developer tools.

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Wednesday, January 29 | 04:00 PM – 04:45 PM
Security 101: Getting started with Cisco Umbrella APIs – DEVNET-3223
Christopher Van Der Made, TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST.SALES, Cisco Systems, Inc. – Distinguished Speaker

Adversaries generally find a security hole and craft a way to exploit it before the organization is even aware that there is a vulnerability in their network. To prevent and respond to an attack, an organization only needs to take a few steps. During this session, we will cover how to reduce detection time and how to stop and prevent further exploitation. We will discuss simple work-flow using APIs from Umbrella. Then stay for the Cisco Umbrella takeover at 5pm in the DevNet Zone theater.


Wednesday, January 29 | 05:00 PM – 05:45 PM
TAKEOVER: Learn about Umbrella APIs – DEVNET-3196

This session will cover how you can use Umbrella’s API to enhance your internal applications. Participants will see real-world examples of how to enhance their internal applications with the different Umbrella APIs.
You will learn:

  • A brief overview of the different Umbrella APIs
  • The business value-add Umbrella APIs provide
  • Example scenarios of integrating common applications with Umbrella APIs

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