The Industry is going through an enormous transformation, the likes of which we haven’t witnessed before. Cisco is leading this transformation with innovations that are changing the way we look at networking. The global Infrastructure that is slated to support more than 50 billion devices  needs to move with great agility, and be more customizable to the end-users.  Businesses are looking to IT, and the efficiencies it brings to the table, to be a core differentiator in the hyper competitive market. Across it all, programmability is the key.

What makes programmability unique among other technology feature sets is that it allows you to consume the industry-leading innovations from Cisco in a variety of manners, and add more value by solving your customers pain points better. Programmability helps you integrate with other solutions to make a more rich and customized experience for the customer. If you were thinking about how to differentiate your offerings from your competitors, or pondering how easy would it be to create your own technical solution– then look no further as programmability is the answer.

So how do Cisco Partner Systems Engineers consume these new innovations to add value to their offerings in this evolving Industry? For some, this could be a multi-million dollar question!   There are two key actions that partners (or prospective partners) can take to get started:

  • Develop a PoC/PoV demo around a programmability use case that you can show to customers during your existing sales engagements. Challenge yourself to create a PoC/PoV demo for your customer using programmability and be ready to be amazed by the fruit of your labor.
  • Apply to be a Solution Partner: Continue working on the PoC/PoV that was created, make them into a complete solution and have it showcased in the Cisco marketplace for consumption by customers and other partners.


Over the next two months, Cisco is sponsoring a virtual Coding Camp to help partners develop their PoC/PoV programmability demo.  The Coding camp is for people across all skill levels. Whether you are hearing about programmability for the first time, or are an experienced developer – this coding camp has important elements that will add tremendous value to what you do in your daily job. What we ask from you, is your understanding of your customer’s environment and their pressing needs.

In this Coding Camp, you will be introduced to an easy-to-use template that can help you in creating high quality use cases tuned to your customer’s environment. We will walk you through the basics of programming and make sure you are able to comprehend, start creating and be comfortable with basic scripting. We will then take you forward to using Cisco’s APIs and show you how to effectively combine them and create tremendous value for your customers.  And of course it wouldn’t be a “camp” without some fun along the way.  So there will be rewards, a fun and competitive leaderboard and above all –  a focused and dedicated team of Cisco experts there to help you with all the necessary support in augmenting your sales with programmability.

The Coding Camp is an invitation-only event, but if you’d like to apply please do so by going to the Coding Camp website.

After attending the Coding Camp and developing a PoC/PoV around your solution, you may want to join the Cisco Solution Partner Program. It helps you through the marketing and sales process to accelerate your go-to-market strategy. You would be able to get your solution tested, earn the cisco compatibility logo, and also get the opportunity to present your solutions in highly visible venues like the annual Cisco Live conference, so that it can reach more customers and generate more revenues. For more details, please visit: https://solutionpartner.cisco.com/site/

For more details on the DevNet virtual Coding Camp, please refer to this link : http://devnetevents.cisco.com/event/DevNet-Coding-Camp-Oct-Nov

Become a Developer Solution Partner and get the learning and coding resources you need to develop with Cisco platforms and APIs.


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Joel Jose

Systems Engineer