Well folks, after all the fantastic things we’ve celebrated throughout 2019 – from DevNet Create, to CiscoLive in Barcelona, San Diego, Melbourne, and Cancun…and well, so much more in between – the holidays are finally here!

Not to mention, it’s also that time of year to answer the age old question: Is Diehard a Christmas movie? My answer is at the end of this blog.

Oh what fun it is to write a blog about fun gift ideas, inspired by some of your favorite DevNet team members. With that, I welcome to the 4th annual 2019 DevNet Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve taken the guessing out of finding the perfect gift ideas for the cherished person in your life – your boss, your teammate, your family – or hey, treat yourself!

So go get that nice tall cup of hot spiced mulled wine ready, set up your plate of reindeer-shaped sugar cookies that you probably didn’t make from scratch, blast Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis” on repeat and get to shopping!

  • Timbuk2 Convertible Backpack Tote: This is Mandy Whaley’s favorite travel bag. Why? Because it works as a backpack or a tote and more importantly, it can carry ALL your important DevNet stuff. Even better, you can still look sharp (just like Mandy) while strolling the streets (and offices, hackathons, events) around Barcelona, San Jose, Melbourne, Austin and so on. Bring it with you anywhere the Cisco DevNet Team goes – to infinity and beyond! More on that later.
  • Ember Smart Mug: Anne Gentle swears by this smart mug that keeps your coffee or tea warm during those long winter nights, during those pressing deadlines and DevNet Certification studies. The mug has an app that lets you set the temperature with its “advanced technology for the perfect sip.” And right now, enjoy 10% when you order two Ember mugs, using code BUNDLE10 at check out. Keep Warm, Sip and Study Away!
  • Zanflare Bluetooth Speaker: Speaking of warming up on cold nights, why not cozy up to this Zanflare Torch Atmosphere Bluetooth Speaker that John McDonough digs for its HD Audio and Enhanced Bass. Use it while wrapping presents or gift it to your favorite music lover. Let it amplify the calming effects of Metallica or any of your other favorite holiday artists. The LED flickers warm yellow lights and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android. Carry on and rock on!
  • Motiv Ring: High on April Mitchell’s wish list is a 24/7 Smart Ring that includes a fitness tracker you’ll wear to help capture every minute of your day and week to get a more complete view of your activity, sleep and your heart rate! Never mind those bulky wristbands – the ring has a super stylish minimalist design, it’s lightweight titanium and it’s waterproof to 165 feet. Mandy is also a fan of this one…and now it’s officially on my wish list too.
  • Kano Kits: Back by popular demand! Allison Butler and Silvia Spiva are ecstatic about Kano Kits! Our teams used them for our last sandbox demo and the Star Wars, Harry Potter and Disney’s Frozen 2 coding kits are all the rage. Learn to code on a tablet you build yourself. The kit is intended for kids as early as age 4 to big kids aged 80. Kano insists, “don’t just play Minecraft, hack it to do something new.” Even better? They’re available at Target – so use that 5% off with your Target credit and act fast before they’re all gone!
  • Disney Plus: This is kind of a no-brainer, but I insist on saying this is my #1 recommendation. Come on, the ENTIRE Disney catalog! Hulu! ESPN! National Geographic! My head may explode! If still you’re on the fence, CNET posted a really great article on everything you need to know about the new streaming service. And unless you’ve been under a rock with projects or from watching all your existing streaming services, come on: IT’S BABY YODA. May the force (and cuteness) be with us ALL this holiday!
  • Smart Socks: Yes, I said it and they exist. I know because Paul Zimmerman is a fan. For $199, the Sensoria smart sock cannot only tell you how fast and how far you run, but it will also how well you run from meeting to meeting, chasing your kids or running that 5K holiday dash. Per the website, when connected to the sock, the Core technology in the sock communicates continuously with the mobile app through Bluetooth Smart. I wonder, does it also tell you when the socks need to be washed? For $199, it better walk itself to the laundry.
  • AirPods Pro: This is high on Eric Thiel’s list – because he’s been a good boy – are the AirPods Pro. If you’re like me and my friend Chloe Kauffman, you’ve probably already lost two pair of the OGs anyway, so why not take Eric’s advice and get this upgraded set that offers a customizable fit that forms a super-duper tight seal for Active Noise Cancellation. The DevNet team swear by these as they help when coding and giggling incessantly via Webex Teams while working in those wide open office spaces.

Last but not least, why not treat yourself or your fellow developer family member, friend or co-worker to a professional and personal treat by signing up for a DevNet Certification course! New Exam registration is now open and you can reserve a seat now for the new certification exams available on February 24, 2020. How do you make it a gift? Print up the reservation and frame it. Like James did for Frank in the movie Scrooged – and I cried.

Well, I hope this helps “wrap up” your holiday shopping list ideas. And if you have other ideas to share with the DevNet Community – we’re all ears! Feel free to drop them in the comments below.

And to sum up: Diehard. The answer is: YES it is a Christmas movie. But if you’re not convinced, check out this data from established film data researcher, Stephen Fellows. Come on, numbers don’t lie!

Now I have a completed holiday blog. Ho-Ho-Ho!

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