Watch coding classes and session replays from all eight Cisco DevNet Day technology tracks

We just hosted our first-ever virtual DevNet Day! We had more than 80,000 viewers across 225 countries and territories around the world! If you do the math, you know that means our viewers came from all different time zones – some of you streamed live through the night and into the morning to learn more about the latest innovations, explore real-time demos, and celebrate our community. I’m invigorated by your energy for network automation, APIs, and all that DevNet and the DevNet community stand for.

On DevNet Day, we celebrated the first 500 people in the world to earn a DevNet certification, and the fact that we completed the DevNet 500 in 16 days! Congratulations!

Join the DevNet Class of 2020

And, it doesn’t end there. We invited you all to join the DevNet Class of 2020. Think back to the CCIEs of 1993, the first year the certification became available. Those CCIEs are legendary. They earned a professional certification that showed that they could build mission critical networks as customers put their businesses on the internet. Think of where networks and the Internet were in 1993 – the 1993 CCIEs were game changers for IT! Now, we have an opportunity with the new DevNet certifications. We are at an inflection point in the industry where software, automation, and applications are transforming the new programmable infrastructure. You can be a part of the DevNet Class of 2020! You can be a game changer in the IT industry, just like the CCIEs of 1993!

Most of all, I know our #TeamDevNet community wanted to connect. The greatest compliment I have ever received about DevNet is about how inclusive people felt our community is. I will never take that compliment for granted. I know it comes not only from my employees but also from all our community members. THANK YOU for helping each other learn and for helping each other succeed (even after we fail)!

Now, here’s what we shared at DevNet Day

We shared several new programs and offers, including:

  • a brand new certification track for Cisco Cyber Operations. The combination of engineering, software, and security is critical to the next chapter of the Internet.
  • our new advance.cisco.com website, to support new job roles, new opportunities to move ahead and transform IT team skills for the future. We are committed to helping you succeed in the next chapter of your career.
  • a preview of the new Cisco DevNet Marketplace; (stay tuned for more details later in the year) We want to feature your innovations and accelerate your businesses with more complete solutions built on Cisco APIs.
  • additional information about the DevNet Specialization as we celebrated some of our first DevNet Specialized partners, including Miradot, World Wide Technology, Presidio and NetCloud. We want to help our current partners be leaders that can help their customers with automation and digital transformation, and we invite new software partners to join the Cisco ecosystem and help our Cisco customers.

You saw innovative demos from our developer advocates and our #TeamDevNet community – including:

  • Knox Hutchinson demonstrated how to use the Meraki PowerShell module
  • Ryan Wolfe presented how to reduce time-to-complete common operational tasks​ in Cisco ISE
  • Hank Preston showed how you can prevent network configuration drift
  • Florian Pachinger intrigued everyone with his demo on smart parking with IoT

You even got to listen in on a rap battle between Hank Preston and Tom Davies. Here’s a quick snapshot, in case you missed:



There were balloons, special guests, a Start Now coding challenge, an API scavenger hunt, and lots of requests for Devvie plushies.

Three top questions from the community

You – our community – showed up with questions. Over 1800 questions, in fact. Here are answers to the top three, in case you missed them:

Question #1: I have zero knowledge about DevNet. How can I get started?

If you’re looking to learn more about network automation and programmability, or you’re new to the DevNet community, we encourage you to visit:

https://developer.cisco.com/startnow/ where you’ll find free, hands-on learning materials to help you get started with coding and APIs in networking, security, IoT, collaboration, and cloud.

https://advance.cisco.com where we have a number of resources available to accelerate your learning with online classes, study groups, and online certification offers.

Question #2: What resources are available to help me learn more about the application of APIs, Python, and network programmability?

Visit developer.cisco.com to view all the resources available, including the DevNet Automation Exchange, the code exchange, learning labs, sandboxes, developer centers and more. And to learn more about the DevNet Associate certification, check out our DevNet Associate Prep with self-study resources and register for our upcoming webinar series.

Question #3: Will the DevNet Associate certification renew an active Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification?

In order to recertify your CCNP, you have five options:

  • Pass any one professional concentration exam and earn 40 CE credits
  • Earn 80 CE credits
  • Pass one technology core exam
  • Pass any two professional concentration exams
  • Pass one CCIE lab exam

To learn more, visit the recertification website.

Stream DevNet Day sessions on-demand

To all who attended and engaged with us throughout DevNet Day, we thank you! It was so inspiring to virtually get together, celebrate you, and showcase the innovations over the last year in automation and programmability. Is there a session you want to listen to again, or one you couldn’t attend? We’ve got you covered. We’re happy to announce that you can now stream DevNet Day sessions on-demand by visiting developer.cisco.com/devnetday. It’s all there – keynotes, introductory coding classes, and session replays from all eight DevNet Day Technology Tracks:

  1. Cloud & Compute
  2. Collaboration
  3. Data Center Networking (ACI & NX-OS)
  4. Enterprise Networking (DNAC, SD-WAN, IOS-XE)
  5. IoT
  6. Meraki
  7. Security
  8. Service Provider

For those of you who attended DevNet Day, take a look back to tap into all new sandboxes, learning labs, developer centers, and ecosystem tools. See how you can apply demos to your own businesses, and get access to the latest in learning via study groups, automation webinars, and the DevNet Fundamentals course, all available at https://advance.cisco.com .

With automation, APIs, and a programmable network, our community has the power to transform business, industries, and the world. DevNet Day was one invigorating, accelerating event along that journey. Thank you for all that you have achieved. We look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and succeed together. You want more? Stay tuned for information on our virtual DevNet Create, coming soon!

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