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Each year DevNet Create is about connecting all of the builders, makers, and developers in our DevNet community.  It is about “engineer-to-engineer” technical sessions with ideas and code you can put into practice. Whether you are just beginning to learn about automation and programmability, or an experienced developer, we want you to be able to connect with people and sessions that accelerate your career and move your projects forward faster.  

When it started three years ago, DevNet Create was a Silicon Valley local event. DevNet Create 2020 was virtual and global. Virtual…we all know how we got there. Global…Oh yeah! 21 straight hours, hosted events in three time zones, with much of the content focused for each region. It took a lot of work to change to the virtual format. But doing so delivered a fantastic benefit: literally thousands more members of our global DevNet Community were now able to contribute and participate! 

Keynote and session recordings are now available

Another great benefit of the digital format is how it lets us continue the conversation after the event. That conversation takes many forms, and much of it will center around what was presented in the keynotes, demos, and sessions.  

DevNet Create 2020 offered four content channels – Main Stage, APIs in Action, Creators, and Start Now.  On the Main Stage, check out the country segments from around the world to see how developers are approaching specific challenges in each region, with industry leaders welcoming attendees from  different regions – APJC, EMEAR, LATAM. In Start Now there’s valuable content for beginners, while APIs in Action and Creators has content for advanced coders. You can review sessions you already attended or check out sessions you missed. 

Looking for a specific session? Browse all of the sessions from all four channels.

Based on your feedback during the event, here are some of the sessions you may want to check out: 

On the Main Stage

The Main Stage channel included must-see keynotes and hands-on how-to sessions which provide true insight into business and technology trends that impact all of us. There were sessions on Certifications, Partner Specialization, Sandbox, Code Exchange, and Automation Exchange, to name just a few.   

If you missed it, I hope you’ll take a minute to watch Susie and my keynote address where we’re joined by Cisco leaders – Chuck Robbins, Jeetu Patel, Todd Nightingale, and Ruba Borno – who share how APIs can unlock the most value from their platforms and enable customer innovation.

One of the talks I heard mentioned a lot was “Understanding Accessible UX” by Jemima Abu.

And the Demo Jams! Don’t miss our first ever regional Demo Jams:  

You can check out the entire Main Stage Channel feed here

Hear directly from the engineers

The APIs in Action channel let you dive deep into topics from Cloud to IoT, Collaboration to Security, with demos and talks from the engineers building those technologies – it was like a master class directly from the engineers. Some interesting topics included: 

Check out the entire APIs in Action Channel feed here  

Learn from each other

The Creators Channel offered technical and lightning talks delivered by members of the extended DevNet Community. You might want to check out the replays of: 

Check out the entire Creator Channel feed here:

A Community open to all

The Start Now channel welcomed people who were new to the world of programming, as well as people interested in understanding how a developer’s work can impact business. Attendees learned about Git, Python, and REST APIs. They heard from developers around the world about how they got started and what advice they would give to up-and-coming coders. In many of these sessions, detailed information was provided, so the replays will certainly be useful for anyone trying to learn to code or those who want to try some of the code that was demonstrated. Check out these outstanding sessions.

Check out the entire Start Now Channel feed here:

Join the DevNet Certified class of 2020

Across the globe we heard from so many of you who are studying for your DevNet certifications.  It’s motivating to see so many of you pushing to get certified now so you can be part of DevNet Class of 2020. At DevNet Create, we wanted to celebrate all those certifications and professional achievements.  Check out this short video about the DevNet Class of 2020:  

Want to join the class of 2020?  There’s still time. And there’s also an exam discount voucher available for a limited time – get your Class of 2020 voucher here

Congratulate the DevNet Creator Award Winners

DevNet Create again gave us the opportunity to honor our incredible DevNet Creator Award Winners. These are engaged advocates and leaders who make our community stronger by answering questions, hosting events, and contributing code to Code Exchange. They drive transformation within their own companies. Please, everyone, join us in congratulating our 2020 DevNet Creator award winners; Congratulations to Meredith Rose, Dexter Park,Jeff Andiorio,Derek Winchester,Matyáš Prokop,Ioannis Theodoridis,Paola Mancini,Jungnam Kim, andDaiki Higuchi.

Thank You!

THANK YOU to everyone who made this incredible worldwide event possible. Thank you to all the amazing presenters for sharing your work, your code, and your knowledge. Thank you to our Cisco leaders — Jeetu Patel, Todd Nightingale, Ruba Borno, and Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins for joining Susie Wee and me in the keynote to connect with our developer community and help support DevNet. Thank you to the engineering and production teams that made our first virtual event possible. And mostly, Thank you to the tens of thousands of attendees for sharing your enthusiasm, encouragement, and expertise with the global DevNet Community. 

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