Is your city “smart?” From automatically dimming street lights, to stopping escalators when not in use, to finding out if your bus is on schedule – it’s fascinating how advances like these can make our lives easier and save money. Most of these changes seem magical to most of us, but what does it actually take for cities to become smart? For starters, it’s a mix of working across companies, governments, technologies, networks, and tons of communication in every bit.

Cities all around the world are at different stages of digital transformation. Some cities are farther along than others, and earlier this year Cisco and the government of Portugal made a great step in announcing their collaboration to accelerate country digitization. Now Portugal is well on their way and have made great strides already. We’ve seen innovations from this partnership first-hand with Mapwize and how Braga, Portugal is using IoT and Cisco DevNet to become a smart city  just to name a few.

How are they doing it? … Here’s your chance to learn about it, connect with key players, and even get hands-on with the code that’s making it all work.

Join us on November 5th in Lisbon, Portugal

Cisco Portugal and Cisco DevNet are sponsoring a free DevNet Connect event on Monday, November 5th and you are invited! This event brings together startups, partners, and developers. It’s a one-day opportunity to connect and network with local industry leaders and Cisco experts to learn how you can leverage Cisco’s programmable infrastructure and developer ecosystem to enable your next innovative solution.

If you’re a startup, developer, or Cisco partner—this event is for you! Come learn, get hands-on with the technology, listen to inspirational innovations, and learn how Cisco’s programmable infrastructure enables developers to create applications that are making Lisbon a smart city. We provide the trainers, the learning infrastructure, the venue (plus breakfast, lunch, and refreshments) and you provide the willingness to learn, connect, and code (beginning and advanced topics available). Read more and register today!

High-level and hands-on technology topics

Learn how Cisco Meraki can help you:

  • create apps that enable loyalty programs
  • track the location of WiFi and BLE devices
  • build analytics extensions
  • make it easier to deploy at scale

Meraki has over 230,000 customers and 3 million+ network devices around the world. Visit the DevNet Meraki webpage to get started with Meraki learning labs and always-on Sandbox.  You can even reserve the Meraki Small Business Sandbox, and discover more possibilities.

Learn how to develop modern applications that let you:

Learn how to build bridges from applications to infrastructure

  • With a specific focus on business outcomes, we’ll focus on working efficiently using the problem-solving framework of Design Thinking in a hands-on session.
  • Learn how developers can deliver business success s by leveraging DevNet’s Code Exchange and Ecosystem Exchange communities.

Read more and register today!

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