What do you want to learn at Cisco Developer Days?

The next global Cisco Developer Days is set to take place May 10-12, 2022 (save that date!). We’re planning a hybrid event – in person in Stockholm, Sweden and virtual – and planning for the event is already in full swing. This time we want you to not only show up but to bring some of your own secret souses. Your input is needed to create a true hybrid collaboration event experience.

That’s why now, as we head into the year-end holidays, we’re looking for your suggestions for content you’d like to see at the May Cisco Developer Days. It’s a time for a well-deserved break. Perhaps some time for recovery and reflection. So what better time to ask for your brilliant ideas! Before, during, or after the holidays, please do not hesitate to submit your suggestions for a talk, a workshop, or a product feature.

Why in such a hurry to collaborate?

Just look around you. You will see that communication and the need for the future internet are greater than ever before. Network automation, deemed to be one of the pillars, still has challenges to solve. We strongly believe that collaboration is the way to advance automation and secure the future internet. Since Cisco Network Service Orchestrator is a centerpiece in all this, we put trust in our Developer Community to lead the way.

What can you expect from the Cisco Developer Days event?

Our goal is to increase energy further by gathering around real use cases and challenges in the field. With our combined experience, we will put our finger on the problems and find the best solution together. If new features are needed in the product, this is the time to influence those decisions.

One of our goals for the May Developer Days is to increase peer-to-peer collaboration. We want to include everyone who wants to engage and contribute, regardless of where you are located. We are preparing a hybrid event to accommodate this. Whether you participate remotely, or in person should be less important in future events. The ambition will permeate our efforts and we hope that this promise will ignite your interest in participating and shaping the event.

Whether you get to Stockholm by air or take the virtual bus, is your call. However you get there, you are equally welcome! We will make sure we take some time to socialize and have some fun.

It’s time to jump into collaboration!

Here are some questions to get you started collaborating with us on the event:

  • Is there anything in your architecture that NSO solves exceptionally well?
  • Do you have something that you consider a blueprint that other teams might use?
  • What’s your development process like?
  • Any recent improvements that made a difference?
  • Do you have challenges that you have not really found the right solution to?

Gaining more perspectives on solutions and working methods can make them even better and lead to higher quality. A talk can trigger questions and kick off the discussion. Sometimes the topic requires a workshop to reach the next level. You may have suggestions on one or more new features that would make difference. We want to know! Remember that in this context we don’t judge what is too small or too big. In the best of worlds, a very small change might make a very big difference.

Let us know. Submit your suggestions for a talk, a workshop, or a product feature.

We will share more details about the event early next year. Until then the NSO Team wishes you all the best for a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!


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Nicklas Wagerth

Business Development Manager