DevNet is Cisco’s developer community, and the DevNet Dev Centers are home to Cisco’s API guides. A DevNet Dev Center is where you’ll find technical documentation and learning resources that refer to different products or platforms, not the technology itself. A Dev Center has both developer focused and product-related data and information; it has the details about a technical product and how these should be consumed.

The purpose of each Dev Center is to help customers and partners achieve their goals when using the product/platform. It is the foundational information about the underlying architectures, and process for interfacing with, or building on top of, existing technology. Customers and partners can find out how to begin, build, and create with Cisco platform APIs, including platforms such as Cisco DNA Center, Cisco SD-WAN, Meraki, and much more. There are also DevNet Dev Centers for Cisco product/platform categories such as Security, IoT, Collaboration, Data Center, and Cloud.

Using Cisco APIs

Within each Dev Center, customers can find use case and best practice guides for using the Cisco APIs. One method which you can find will include Postman collections. To make all the Postman collections easy to find we built the Postman Collections. These folders make it easy to keep all our API requests and elements organized.


Hear more at Postman Galaxy 2021

In my session at Postman Galaxy, you’ll hear how Postman plays a central role in helping our DevNet team educate and inspire our community. Postman enables our team to offer interactive educational materials that help users quickly get hands-on with Cisco APIs to learn how they work. As a result, developers can get more value from Cisco APIs to help solve business problems.

Postman Galaxy is the global, virtual Postman user conference. We’ll gather the world’s most enthusiastic API builders, testers, managers, and executives for a rocketload of action-packed online event activities and content about all things API.

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