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“Learning is a never-ending journey.”  Who said that? If you replied or thought, “You just did,” then you are correct. It is a mantra which I embraced a long time ago. For me, learning is not about the quantity, nor how many hours I can sit in one session. Rather, it’s a commitment that every day I will learn something new, no matter how big or small that might be. Just a single little lesson or realization can move the dial forward, or be the key to unlocking new possibilities and ideas.

I am often asked, “when is the best time to study?” Mornings are the time I block out of my day to ‘headphone up’ and remove all distractions because for me, the mornings are when I feel the most engaged. That is also why I do my leg workouts at the gym on Monday’s when I am the most motivated. The end of the day, or the end of the week never has worked for me. However, YMMV (your mileage may vary) for study… or your squat routine.

My study days at the beginning of my career involved borrowing books, PDFs from Cisco’s website, or anything I can put on a flash drive. But now the digital revolution of learning is here! Now it’s possible to learn directly from experts! Cisco has Connected Learning running until June 30th where you can meet with Cisco experts for this extended learning opportunity. These digital sessions offer in-depth training on specific topics, hosted on Webex.

Connected Learning

Digital Capture the Flag

Learn new technologies, obtain hands-on experience, and challenge yourself on a variety of Cisco products and solutions by solving real lab challenges in the Capture the Flag (CTF) game. Earn points and compete on the leaderboard with other players. Unlimited participation for digital pass holders. Unlimited access for Connected Learning registrants.

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Digital Hands-on Labs

These online hands-on labs provide an exclusive opportunity to walk through predesigned scenarios with Cisco experts. You’ll explore full configurations and new features to show you firsthand how these technologies can transform your business. Hands-on labs take 3-4 hours, and are eligible for Continuing Education credits.

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Digital DevNet Workshops (June 27-30)

Join a DevNet workshop to learn more about the newest Cisco APIs (Application Programming Interface), platforms, tools, and topics. DevNet workshops are eligible for Continuing Education credits, and will be offered June 27-30.

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Digital transformation is real. It’s imperative to empower your growth with learning and space for innovation. The above sessions provide information and tools to modernize your skills so you can innovate with automated and programmable technologies.

Automation has the power to transform the way teams, businesses, and industries operate. We know that automation creates efficiency while decreasing errors, and the potential this brings. Make an impact with your skills, your talent, your teams and the tools in a way that creates that ongoing ripple effect, transforming the potential of businesses and entire industries. Cisco Connected Learning can help get you there.  Choose your sessions carefully ?.


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Stuart Clark

Senior Developer Advocate Of Community, AWS