DevNet Create – Cisco’s annual conference for application developers, cloud developers, and DevOps pros – is right around the corner (April 10-11 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California). DevNet Create is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with experts from across the industry, discuss today’s most cutting edge topics with them, and get hands-on with emerging technologies.

More and more of Cisco’s product portfolio have built-in APIs that allow developers to integrate Cisco technologies into their solutions. At DevNet Create you’ll learn how to:

  • Interact with the Meraki Dashboard API using a Python script (and participate in the Meraki Challenge and take home a Meraki switch!)
  • Use Node Red for Meraki to create applications easily with visual programming
  • Use the Cisco Spark API and create a ‘digital project manager’
  • Use the Cisco Location SDK for CMX mobile location services
  • Use the Cisco Threat Intelligence Director (TID) to automate the ingestion, operationalization and correlation of threat intelligence on security devices
  • And so much more

The two-day, three-track agenda of hands-on workshops, tech talks, and keynotes has struck a chord. Registrations are pouring in for this intimate, hands-on conference. Attendee space is limited so register now to attend.

Why attend DevNet Create?

It’s simple—your world is changing and you need to be on top of it. As new technologies, developer platforms, and tools emerge, application developers, cloud developers, and DevOps pros are creating new disciplines and approaches for IoT, Mobile, Cloud, Edge, and NetDevOps. New disciplines that allow them to build innovative applications for a digitized infrastructure, and take full advantage of the changing boundaries between apps and infrastructure.

DevNet Create brings these disciplines into focus. What tools can you use? What methodologies are employed? What defines success? You’ll see HOW solutions are built rather than just a Powerpoint about end results. You’ll hear what technological decisions were made and why. You’ll have plenty of direct access to the DevNet Developer Evangelists and product experts. It’s a great opportunity to skill up, innovate, and build successful careers.

DevNet Create workshops give developers a chance to get hands-on with cutting
technologies, and talk directly with product experts in a small group setting.

There are many sessions and workshops for you to explore within each of these tracks (see the full DevNet Create agenda), but let me mention just a few to whet your appetite.

I have the honor of delivering the Day 1 Keynote on how we all connect to create, to build, to protect. As developers, we are constantly connecting things– data sources, security, multiple clouds, devices. But what if we told you by using a programmable network and simple, open APIs, connections becomes just plain easier to create those apps, manage multi-cloud, ensure security at the edge, and deliver IoT at your fingertips.

We’re thrilled to have Guy Kawasaki delivering the Day 2 keynote. That’s right, THAT Guy Kawasaki – the original developer evangelist. Guy was working with developers to build applications for the original Apple MacIntosh before we had social media…before the Internet! Now with over ten million social media followers, Guy’s thinking around the “Art of Innovation” is a perfect fit with our mission at DevNet Create, and offers insights from which we all can learn.

Damon Edwards, Chief Product Officer at Rundeck will be there discussing the imperatives of digital transformation, DevOps, and Cloud Native. How the pressure on enterprise operations to adapt is immense, but how do we get rid of the silos and ticket-driven request queues that have traditionally plagued operations?

Jim Bugwadia, Founder of Nirmata, will “demystify” Kubernetes for enterprise DevOps. Kubernetes is awesome, but can be complex! Learn the key concepts and constructs of Kubernetes, for both enterprise developers and operators, and about best practices for deploying and operating multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters.

Alex Elis, Senior Staff Engineer at VMware will speak on getting started with OpenFaaS Serverless Functions and Python. He’ll show us how OpenFaaS (Functions as a Service) makes building serverless functions easier by using containers so you can avoid vendor-lock-in and run your functions on your own terms – in any language, anywhere.

Christine Yen from Honeycomb will lead a workshop on “Test in Production: From End to End Checks to Observability. We’ve got unit tests, functional tests, and integration tests — but where are our tests for prod? In this workshop, Christine will lead us through creating an end-to-end check together on a fun, interactive demo app, then go one level deeper by adding custom instrumentation.

Curtis Yanko from Sonatype will help us understand DevSecOps in the age of containers. The era of manual risk and security management is over. Instead of manually enforcing toll booths, delivery teams should build the automated toll lanes. Instead of creating roadblocks, they work with security to make sure the maximum amount of traffic flows through the pipeline. Learn all about it!

Tom Davies has a class in creating your own currency on blockchain. Neil Patel on security intelligence tools and using APIs to automate IR and research. Kevin Kuhls on Ansible, Hank Preston on Vagrants, Ramesh Durairaj from Neubay on AI for IoT applications, Rosemary Wang from Thoughtworks on Containers… and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

The DevNet Create conference is packed with top speakers on topics that are driving our industry and enabling your professional growth. Please take a moment to check out the full DevNet Create agenda and see what’s there for you.

The DevNet team is working hard to put on a conference packed with opportunities for you to learn, and take away real skills. I hope you’ll join us. Space is limited so register now to attend DevNet Create.

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