That’s a Wrap!

Cisco Live! 2022 wrapped up on 16 June 2022 in Las Vegas. What an amazing event overall and, specifically, for the Cisco Developer Relations Organization (DevRel). We hosted attendees in the DevNet Zone which covered over 24,000 square feet of space. The DevRel team put together an amazing set of learning activities over the course of the four-day event.

We had 200+ sessions covering topics such as Automation, API Design, Cisco Edge Application Hosting, and so much more. Inside the DevNet Zone, we hosted over 1100 participants across four different workshop spaces. Our workshops were in such high demand some had waitlists in the hundreds. These allowed hands-on experience on topics such as Cisco DNA Center SDK building an embedded app on Webex, and automating Network Services Orchestrator (NSO).

Workshops were a popular way to learn new concepts.
Workshops were a popular way to learn new concepts.

In addition to the in-person activities, we were able to stream to over 6,700 online audience members as well. This hybrid approach to our conference has enabled more than just the 16,500 people who attended Cisco Live! 2022 in-person stay updated with their current skills and learn new skills.

In the DevNet Zone alone we had over 5,000+ people attend one of our 100+ unique DevNet sessions. We had countless more stopping by to view and often do selfies with the Cisco sponsored autonomous race car.

Grace Indy car
Cisco sponsored autonomous race car

Cisco’s industrial switches and ultra-reliable wireless backhaul were the power behind the onboard communications enabling this car to set an autonomous car speed record at 192.2 mph. At these speeds, it is critical to have seamless handoffs between the car and the network towers to eliminate network delays. Cisco’s sponsorship of this car was part of a broader coding challenge showcasing the innovative power of software and hardware together.

Autonomous Indy Car Driver Technology
No driver here. Cisco’s industrial switches were the power behind the onboard communication.

We had over 150 participants in the Dev Dash competition, a timed technical trivia quiz where correct answers moved a Raspberry Pi car forward toward the finish line. Wrong answers moved the car backward towards the beginning. Each day the leader board was reset, and this challenge was open to both on and off-site participants. It was a great way to learn some technical trivia and compete in a fun way.

CLUS wrap up
On your marks… Get set… Dev Dash!

CLUS DevNet Theater audience

Attendees learning in the DevNet Theater

New User Experiences

Leading up to Cisco Live! 2022, the DevRel team was busy preparing several new experiences for users of developer.cisco.com. The DevRel team has incorporated feedback from many users to improve the entire experience on the site. A huge congratulations to the team for these fantastic updates which included a new Learning Lab experience, updated Sandboxes as well as a refreshed homepage welcoming both software developers and infrastructure/network engineers. A huge thanks to everyone involved.

DevNet Expert Certification

We’re also thrilled to have helped the Learning team release a new DevNet Expert certification. This new certification fills a previous certification gap for those with experience designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing NetDevOps technologies across a variety of Cisco solutions and platforms. Big congrats to the learning team as well on their new learning portal which was announced during Cisco Live.

What a Team!

Conferences require a lot of time and energy from many people leading up to, during, and even after the event. I’m so thankful for the hard work that the entire DevRel team contributed to making the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live! 2022 an engaging experience. It was a great pleasure to showcase all this wonderful work at CiscoLive to Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s Chair and CEO on a tour of the DevNet Zone.

Grace and Chuck
Grace Francisco (left), Chuck Robbins, and Eric Thiel touring the DevNet Zone.

To all the members of the DevRel team who worked so hard to make this a great experience, whether you were onsite or not, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for all that you do to continue to create engaging developer experiences for our developers, customers, and partners.

Grace Team CLUS
It’s a wrap! The Cisco Developer Relations team.

Anything Else?

If you missed us in Las Vegas, there are more opportunities to join us and learn more about how Cisco is changing the landscape of technology. Save the dates for the following events and I look forward to seeing you there.

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Grace Francisco

Vice President

Developer Relations Strategy & Experience