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Cisco Partners @localmeasure and @outcomexaus make beautiful music for the Sydney Opera House.

Cisco Partner @outcomexaus is solving farming challenges through IoT. Case Study

Are you ready for Cisco Live, Melbourne?

Join us for the first ever #CiscoChat LIVE! from Australia. Set your reminder here: here.

DevNet Down Under

If you’re reading this from your laptop or phone connected to a wireless network, well guess what, us “Ossies” invented Wi-Fi. You heard correctly, your ears are not painted on, the Australian Government research arm (CSIRO) invented Wi-Fi.

We’ve gathered up a fantastic cast of characters to chat with you about security, wireless, mobility, 49ers, Vegemite, and security. Mostly security, because security is foundational. We Australians know something about foundational, after all we hold up the planet for the rest of you.

We don’t have just Cisco people on the #CiscoChat. We also have amazing contributors from three of our top partners in Australia: Outcomex, Dimension Data, and Local Measure.  They are keen to share current experiences and insights into what businesses are doing, experiencing, and faced with in the carnival-ally-duck-shoot-moving-target that is digitization of your business.

We get help from Chuck Robbins of course, and that’s a fact. Have you ever wondered why you never see Chuck Robbins and Batman in the same room, same time?

Chuck Robbins with Rodney Heron

If you recognize any of these names, you should join.

Haydn Andrews @TheWLAN
Jonathan Barouch @jbarouch
Stephen Cooper @Stephen__Cooper
Rodney Heron @rodneyheron (that’s me)
Darren Lynn @spinna2go
Luca Palermo @lucapalermosyd
Silvia Spiva @silviakspiva

If you didn’t recognize any of these names, that’s an even better reason to join.

Wondering what we build when we all get together?  Something like this…



If you’re wondering why I’m spelling in American, that’s because the Blog editors are American. And for my American friends, you spread Vegemite on your toast like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Well, that’s what I told my brother in law from Arizona.

So, join the #CiscoChat LIVE! from Australia, in all its unedited, Aussie glory! We may even have a Kiwi in there. Just one, as it’s a long swim across the ditch

Friday, March 1 at 10:00 a.m., Melbourne, Australia time. It’s the future!


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